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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Islamization of Britain in 2014

Fast food giant Subway has removed ham and bacon from stores, halal only - Pamela Geller

Some 2014 headlines:
  • "Britain remains the world's leading recruiting ground for al-Qaeda." — Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph.
  • "When she sought help from the police and a lawyer, 'the family of the defendants were insulted that she had gone to the law. They wanted her back within the family fold... Therefore, it was decided that she should be forced to comply or be killed'." — Prosecutor of Ahmed A-Khatib, who murdered his wife for becoming "too westernized."
  • "British school teachers are afraid to teach their students about Christianity out of fear of offending Muslims." — Roger Bolton, BBC Radio 4's Feedback program.
  • "Rather than taking steps to protect British children, police, social workers, teachers... and the media deliberately played down the severity of the crimes [of Muslim sexual grooming gangs] in order to avoid being accused of 'Islamophobia' or racism." — From the report "Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery."
  • "A group of British lawyers launched a website, Sharia Watch UK. The group called Sharia law 'Britain's Blind Spot'."
  • "After Adebolajo, who murdered and tried to behead British soldier Lee Rigby with a meat cleaver, was given a 'whole-life' prison term, his brother said his sibling was the victim of 'Islamophobia'."
  • "The problem of honor-based violence and forced marriages in England is "worse than people think." — Claire Phillipson, Wearside Women in Need

"The Muslim population of Britain reached 3.4 million in 2014 to become around 5.3% of the overall population of 64 million, according to figures extrapolated from a recent study on the growth of the Muslim population in Europe. In real terms, Britain has the third-largest Muslim population in the European Union, after France and Germany.

Islam and Islam-related issues were omnipresent in Britain during 2014, and can be categorized into four broad themes: 1) Islamic extremism and the security implications of British jihadists in Syria; 2) the continuing spread of Islamic Sharia law in Britain; 3) the sexual exploitation of British children by Muslim gangs; and 4) Muslim integration into British society.

In January, an analysis of census data showed that nearly 10% of the babies and toddlers in England and Wales are Muslim. The percentage of Muslims among children under five is almost twice as high as in the general population. By way of comparison, fewer than one in 200 people over the age of 85 are Muslim, an indication of the extent to which the birth rate is changing the religious demographic in Britain."

For a chronological review of some of the main stories involving the rise of Islam in Britain during 2014 click HERE.

This is not Islamophobia. It is what is actually happening in Great Britain. The reality of Islamic expansion which is changing our culture at an alarming rate. Denial contradicts reported facts. We have become so paralysed by accusations of racism and prejudice that "Asian gangs" (no mention that they were Muslims who are taught that non-Muslims are inferior) were able to abuse at least 1,400 children in Rotherham alone (report here) resulting in this condemnation:

 "On August 31, the Independent on Sunday reported that a House of Commons committee would launch an investigation into whether Tony Blair's Labour government knew about the Rotherham child abuse scandal as far back as 2001, but refused to act because of his government's desire to pacify Muslim communities."

"On November 10, the BBC reported that police in Rotherham not only ignored, but actively obstructed investigations into child abuse victims, apparently because the perpetrators were Muslim. On November 19, the Birmingham Mail reported that the Birmingham City Council "buried" a politically incorrect government-funded report that revealed to sexual exploitation of young white girls by Muslim men. The author of the report, Jill Jesson, told the newspaper that the report was never published and all copies were to be destroyed."

To view how British Islamist Abu Waleed thinks Muslims should humiliate Christians in order to make them convert to Islam click HERE.

A few more statistics from Fr. George Rutler interviewed here:
"There have been 5.3 million fewer British-born people describing themselves as Christians, a decline of 15% in just a decade. At the same time, the number of Muslims in England and Wales surged by 75% – boosted by almost 600,000 more foreign-born followers of the Islamic faith. While almost half of British Muslims are under the age of 25, almost a quarter of Christians (Protestants and Catholics) are over 65."

Pray that in 2015 HM Government abandons political correctness for reality for the sake of our children and our children's children and that political parties do not harvest cheap votes from Muslim communities by ignoring obvious problems.

Meanwhile, from Cranmer (here) "SOPHIE WESSEX AND THE FASHIONABLE BURQA". - God save us! - And all Muslim women.

A Happy New Year!

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