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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Have a revolutionary Christmas!


Fresh from losing the race to appoint the first woman bishop in England and Wales Archbishop Morgan has come out fighting. In his Christmas message he hopes that the "revolutionary" nature of the Christmas message will be put into context by regarding the Holy Family as "immigrants".

While reminding us of the poor and needy this Christmas, Dr Morgan takes the opportunity to advance his personal revolutionary topics: women bishops and his next big project, the "advent of same-sex marriage". That sounds like another foregone conclusion to me. Story here - but not the Christmas story.


  1. I am an immigrant in Barry’s wonderful Church in Wales. And what do I find? A total lack of orthodox Christian teaching (credal truths are ignored and in many cases rubbished), open hostility to traditionalist Christian practices, few vocations, and the Welsh language used segregate and divide the church. King Herod, or Archbishop Barry – is there much difference?

  2. I think the stumbling block for ++Barry and the Bench is money.
    Once Louise Davies (head of finance) has found the funds ,my prediction is that a female Provincial Assistant Bishop will be appointed as an ambassador throughout Wales and to those parishes who persist in laying claim to Catholicism within the Anglican communion. This will release the male Bishops to indulge the traditional priests and congregations. At the end of the day the Code of Practice simply undertakes to provide a Bishop in trousers .
    Yes, it is as cruel as that.

  3. The Holy Family were refugees whilst in Egypt, but not immigrants whilst in Israel - exactly the opposite! Although Bethlehem is now part of 'the occupied West Bank', it is part of Eretz Israel. The immigrants were the Romans.

    1. The only "occupiers" of the West Bank - Judea and Samaria - are those whose forebears invaded and seized it from Israel. They do not belong there, and should be enabled to create a homeland in neighbouring Jordan, which is an Arab state.