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Friday, 19 December 2014

The blood of innocents

The bloodstained floor of an auditorium in the school in Pakistan where 132 children and nine staff
members were killed.                                              Credit Basit Gilani/European Pressphoto Agency

We should not be surprised that bad press following the worst atrocities brings condemnation from the most unlikely sources. Taqiyya is simply another weapon to defeat the infidel. The religious hardliners who organised the slaying of the innocents in Pakistan claimed afterwards that the massacre of young children was simply a misunderstanding; only the older children should have been slain!

Whether it is in Pakistan, Africa or the Middle East it is rare to read of such barbarous acts of bloodshed, abduction or persecution without the perpetrators proclaiming the cause of Islam. Jihadists have been flocking to the self-styled 'Islamic State' group, or ISIS, to enforce their policy of covert to Islam or die. Many have perished yet Muslims claim that Islam should not be blamed and the the phrase "Islamic terrorist" should be banned in case it puts "ordinary believers" at risk. 

'Ordinary' believers must believe the same as other Muslims if it is part of their faith, lying to protect themselves when necessary to do so. This device has been so effective that senior politicians constantly repeat the phrase that Islam is a religion of peace in ignorance that peace means peace under Sharia. Watch a basic eight minute explanatory video here or, preferably, more comprehensive coverage "Islam - What The West Needs To Know" (1hr 38min) here for an explanation. 

As one writer put it in the aftermath of the Australian cafe siege, "it is a lethal mistake for western leaders to differentiate ISIS from other Islamic terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hizballah, Boko Haram, or Al Shabaab. Those Islamic terrorist groups are motivated by the same underlying motivations behind ISIS: to kill as many of their infidel enemies as possible and impose Islamic supremacy. The only difference is that ISIS has declared itself to be a global caliphate; the other groups are focused on becoming regional caliphates."

The Australian Herald Sun put it this way. "Denial of Islamic fundamentalism puts us in danger: "By screaming “racist” rather than allowing debate, our academics, commentators and politicians deafened us to the warnings until it was too late".

Not all Islamic attacks are armed. Ignoring the brutality of Islamic regimes around the world towards other religions and even to members of their own in some cases, groundless accusations are made using 'deliberate lies' at enormous expense to the tax-payer: 

Allegations of murder and torture made against British soldiers by Iraqi detainees were "deliberate lies", a five-year public inquiry has ruled. The £31m Al-Sweady Inquiry found claims that up to 20 Iraqis were killed and mutilated after a 2004 battle were "reckless speculation". The murder allegations were withdrawn from the inquiry earlier this year. The report also found British soldiers mistreated nine Iraqi detainees, but it was not deliberate ill-treatment.

If you can bear it, look here at what is left of some maimed and disfigured soldiers who did not completely lose their lives. Deprived of sleep and kept hungry would be a luxury by comparison.

Deference to Islam implies credibility for an ideology which is totally alien to Christianity. Islamic dress is now commonplace. Bigger and grander mosques are built while charges of Islamophobia are all but forgotten now that critics have been effectively silenced. 

But respect does not work both ways. Read this article in today's TabletIraqi prelate says his London church is treated with 'profound disrespect' by Sunni Muslims

"They come, they spit, they swear. When they pass the church, they cover their eyes or turn their faces away. They don’t like to see the cross." Women in his congregation had been harassed in the street, he said. “Muslim men hear them speaking in Arabic and call out to them 'Why aren’t you wearing the hijab? Why are you unbelievers? You’ll go to hell.'"

The reverse in Pakistan would no doubt result in charges of blasphemy and imprisonment if the mob did not stone the offenders to death first. Yet in the aftermath of the massacre of the Pakistani school children even some of their own countrymen have, despite some cracks, said enough is enough*. But will it be enough to question those aspects of their religious ideology which perpetrators use to justify violence in the name of Allah?

For the rest of us keeping quiet for fear of reprisals is not the answer. Governments should actively investigate Islam rather than accept the platitudes offered by Muslims who are not bound to tell the truth. 'Ordinary' Muslims need to know the Truth. At Christmastide "Peace on earth and good will toward men" is especially poignant for Christians. The shedding of blood happens at Calvary. End of story and the beginning. Why hide it?

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward menLuke 2:14

* Update (29/12/2014)

Pakistan: Christian couple burned, buried alive after allegedly burning Qur'an pages
Full report here. 

"Pakistani authorities arrested around 50 individuals in the mob who were deemed as directly involved in the crime. The suspects were arrested under the country's Anti-Terrorism Act.

In this case, "Terrorism" means "the use or threat of action where ... The use or threat is designed to coerce and intimidate or overawe the Government or the public or a section of the public or community or sect or create a sense of fear or insecurity in society", as stated by the law. 

The defendants were charged by the state itself, which means the government will ensure that each of them will not go unpunished for their crime. This could be the nation's first step in making a firm justice that will condemn violent acts, especially against Christians. Still, the authorities gave the accused the right to seek legal counsel."


  1. Congratulations to the BBC:- the Australian seige lead by a Muslim cleric, and the driving of a van into Christmas shoppers in France by a Muslim man were both reported by the BBC without any use of the words 'Muslim', 'Islamic' or 'Islam' anywhere in their reports!

  2. Another BBC gem - again so mention of 'Islamic' or 'Muslim' -