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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Anti-Muslim hatred!


In the run-up to the announcement of a new 'Prevent' strategy, predictable outrage has been expressed about measures described as 'anti-Muslim hatred' by Nabil Ahmed of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies in a discussion on Newsnight yesterday evening [starting at point 16.11 into the programme]. In his introduction Jeremy Paxman said that there is a delicate balance between protecting individuals and alienating an entire community if mistakes are made. In other words, softly, softly with an ideology that has at its heart, the sentiments expressed above and below:

In February the Prime Minister posed some questions over the funding of Muslim groups: "Do they believe in universal human rights, including for women and other faiths; equality of all before the law; democracy and the right of people to elect their own government; and, do they encourage integration or separation?" The answer to these questions, and to many others, is contained in the film from which the quotations are taken. Islam means submission. Islamists are not interested in the democratic human rights of other religions or equality before the law. This is the price of not submitting:

Those who refuse to believe it should read this. A Google search provides ample evidence of the barbarism of the 'religion of peace' - I would advise against watching the sickening video. If the alternative to 'alienating an entire community' is acceptance of a religious ideology that has no time for non-Muslims and which not only tolerates but has violence at its heart, then so be it.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, says that It may be "too easy for Muslim extremists to form groups on campuses 'without anyone knowing' " and that "the Government would cut funding to any Islamic group that espoused extremist views" but tackling 'extremists' does not get to the heart of the problem of jihad, cultural or otherwise, which seeks to create a Muslim world. As details of the new 'Prevent' strategy emerge, that is the central question which needs to be addressed if we are to avoid more of this.

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