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Thursday, 2 June 2011

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life. "

Sharing Tables event in Shotton, Flintshire

A group of Christians and Muslims have shared a meal to show "solidarity" in an area that has seen protests about plans for an Islamic cultural centre.

Meanwhile, in Milan, Italy,

No illusions there!

With the best of intentions many Christians in this country are blind to the threat of Islam. Islamists are trying every trick in the book to dominate the world. There is only one way to the Father. We forget it at our peril.


Read Voice Of The Copts and their suffering under Islam. Why do we pander to this alien ideology that would see our demise? We must be mad.


  1. Sometimes we are too good for our own good! Why is the West committing cultural suicide? Where are our leaders?

  2. I find it necessary to be both Islamophobic and Homosexophobic.

    Scripture demands this.

    I am not against the people, but the components - the idealogies, misbeliefs, causality, methods, means and attitudes, especially the spiritual darkness and blindness that comprise these lifestyles.