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Tuesday, 21 December 2010


No doubt The Telegraph thought itself rather smart luring one of the few trusted politicians into a trap by sending undercover journalists to Vince Cable's surgery. Having had their bit of fun at Dr Cable's expense The Telegraph sought to close the matter by publishing a 'transcript' of the meeting. While some will be surprised at the Minister's candour, others will find it a refreshing change from the devious outpourings the public is used to hearing.

What The Telegraph didn't bargain on was a whistle blower who knew that the full facts had not been published. They left out the bit about Rupert Murdoch's News International proposed take-over of the satellite broadcaster BSkyB which he already partly owns and which The Telegraph, among others, opposes.

Many see the proposed take-over as an unwelcome concentration of media influence so the revelation may result in disappointment for them. While retaining his cabinet post as Business Secretary, Dr Cable has lost responsibility overseeing media, telecom and broadcasting companies to the now well known Jeremy Hunt the Culture Secretary who may find it difficult to follow Dr Cable's example. At least it should give the giggling 'reporters' something else to laugh about.

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