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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Ministry of Chaos and Complacency

"Welcome to the 'chaos theory' of government" runs the headline in The Observer.

Education, Work and Pensions, Local Government, Health and Home Affairs are all aiming for 'chaos' to solve the Britain's problems. With such a spread of chaotic government a coordinating ministry is indicated and who better to run it than the current minister for complacency, Philip Hammond. His contribution yesterday to the misery being experienced by thousands of people had the air of a man who had just looked out of his window, saw the sun shining and positioned himself with traffic conveniently moving in the background so that he could assure everyone that there was no real problem - apart from the weather. Today's contribution was a little more cautious; he was looking for advice but he is unlikely follow the example of the Scottish Transport Minister if chaos is new the aim of Government:

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