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Thursday, 16 December 2010

The complete Aso

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, aged 32
Arrived in the UK from Iraq in 2001
Failed asylum seeker
Hit and run killer after leaving a 12 yr old child to die on the road
Drugs possession
Criminal damage
Driving while disqualified
Driving without a license
Driving without insurance

In fact a complete and utter a*s**o** yet allowed to remain in the UK to avoid his human rights being violated. His victim's father is an honest, hard-working, loyal tax-payer who has lost his only child through the actions of a criminal and is left with no family. Justice for him has been denied. Why have the judges given so much weight to the fact that a criminal has married and begat two children? Are they unaware of the marriage of convenience fiddles that allow people to stay in our over-crowded, hospitality abused country?

In 1998 David Cameron wanted to do something about abuses of Human Rights legislation. It's about time he did. If his memory fails him, he needs only watch the video in this report to be reminded of why urgent action is needed.

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