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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Not Ashamed Day

Today is Not Ashamed Day. I must confess I knew nothing about it until I 'Googled' this morning and saw a picture of Lord Carey supporting the campaign. That says something in itself!

Whilst I have not had the opportunity of studying all aspects of the movement, on the face of it this must be a worthwhile cause if it helps to avoid Christianity being relegated to the second division and is a welcome addition after Mr Pickles' intervention to restore the proper celebration of Christmas.

The campaign is organised by Christian Concern.


  1. I like the concept but the choice of name for the day is unfortunate. The fact that it is a negation could reinforce the stereotype of religion as being a negative force in the world.

    Also, reference to 'ashamed' is rather defeatist and slightly ironic given that the Christian message is about humility in the face of our sin and our need for redemption.

    That said 'Christian Pride' mightn't fare much better!

    Ah well, it's the effort that counts I guess :)

  2. Oh dear!

    I find myself in agreement with the Care Bear. This will take some working through.

    A good effort, nonetheless.