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Thursday, 30 March 2023

How many will fight the good fight?

Former Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan, with the Ven Andrew John (right) on his
appointment in 2008 as Bishop of Bangor. Source: BBC

When archbishop Barry Morgan secured the election of his favoured candidate to be bishop of Bangor after the death of bishop Tony Crockett in 2008, the average adult Sunday attendance in the Church in Wales was around 37,000. 

It was predicted then that church attendance in Wales could decline to less than a quarter of that level
and, if proved true, "by 2050 Wales will be home to the smallest church-going population in Britain."

In 2018 the equivalent Sunday attendance figure was 26,110 representing 0.8% of the population of Wales. Extinction of the Church in Wales is predicted by 2040.

Archbishop Barry Morgan is seen by many as the architect of the demise of the Church in Wales, aided as he was by the example of his heretical mentor, US Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori.

The bench of bishops now places Governing Body decisions above biblical teaching, something that enabled bishop Crockett to refer to Church members who followed biblical teaching as heretics.

The heretics in the Church in Wales are not shunned Anglicans who keep the faith but its bishops who have abandoned the faith as received as they press ahead to undermine the sanctity of holy matrimony, the union for life of one man and one woman. 

The Church in Wales bishops made it clear in the September 2021 meeting of the Governing Body where their loyalties lie. For them a vote at GB overrides the Church's Formal statements of faith,

The bench is seeking to make God in their own image as they warn others against keeping the faith.

They wrote to their clergy following the ordination to the episcopacy of the Rev Stuart Bell, the former Rector of the Rectorial Benefice of Aberystwyth, with a warning:

 "A decision by members of the Anglican Convocation in Europe (ACE) to stand apart from the oversight of the bishops of the Church in Wales, and of the Churches of the Anglican Communion in communion with us, means that Church in Wales clergy should stand back from receiving communion at services held under the auspices of the ACE. No ministers affiliated with the Anglican Convocation in Europe should exercise ministry or leadership in a Church in Wales context, unless the explicit written permission of the appropriate Church in Wales diocesan bishop has been given.

ACE bishops responded: 

"Contrary to what Archbishop John and his Bishops have said, it is the the Church in Wales which has placed itself out of communion with the majority of Anglicans worldwide by departing the historic, orthodox, biblical faith. Faithful Anglicans living under such failed oversight need a spiritually safe home and a hope for the future. We are grateful that Gafcon has provided this by authorising ACE as a genuine Anglican jurisdiction."

Church in Wales bishops are leading their congregations into heresy. Church members must stand firm and 'fight the good fight', challenging the Church's departure from the 'historic, orthodox, biblical faith' as witnessed by the vast majority of Anglicans.

Postscript [02.04.2023]

The fightback begins in the Church of England.

"The Diocese was first informed a few hours ago that a group of clergy in the City of London is seeking to set up its own parallel, unregulated structures, outside of those of the Diocese of London and the Church of England. This unilateral move would have no legal substance.

"The initiative has been announced publicly, without discussion, at a time when constructive ongoing dialogue continues here in the capital, and across the country, following the House of Bishops’ proposals in response to the six-year Living in Love and Faith process. As a Diocese, we remain committed to working together through our differences, recognising the strength of our shared faith in Christ, and all that brings us together."


  1. Llandaff Pewster30 March 2023 at 17:43

    As Bonaparte was once heard to say, "Bugger the Archbishop".
    Rather him than me though.

  2. Caiaphas must go!30 March 2023 at 19:48

    Barry was and is a tw*t.

  3. The rot set into the CiW in the 90s when women priests were permitted, despite being contrary to the words of Holy Scripture.
    I have often observed over the years that there is no quicker way to close one's church than to hire a lady priest.
    In such churches, invariably all the young men leave the congregation, as they tire of a woke lecture every Sunday morning from a middle-aged woman with a bowl-haircut. The congregation is then left with a small group of pensioners and then will probably end-up merging with another parish a few years later.
    If this new Bishop Stuart Bell could ensure a policy of only male priests in his new Anglican group, then I think he might have a solid basis to build the fightback upon.

    Jaded Pewsitter

    1. The menopauseal wimmin with pudding bowl hairstyles were certainly one of the nails in the coffin lid but I'm afraid I must contradict you by saying the rot was detected in the Cult in Wales long before the 90s.

  4. Baptist Trainfan1 April 2023 at 11:02

    Sorry (well, not really) - I find the first part of Lux et Veritas’ post offensive, misogynistic and plain rude.

    And I would want to see some “hard” statistical evidence across a range of parishes in a variety of settings, rather than anecdotal gossip, to substantiate Anonymous’ assertions about the “invariable” consequences of a female priest’ arrival. After all, people may also leave a church when a new MAN arrives, if they don’t like him!

    1. Did you never meet Peggy the Pilate?
      She was all the above and a liar to boot.

    2. BT. It is a well known fact that female clergy tend to attract fewer men into their church, and in many cases there are no men at all. This is a direct result of female ordination.


  5. Whilst agreeing with BT about the first part of Lux' post, please accept the fact, from those within The Cult, that the innovation of women as 'priests' , did, and continues to be, a major hurdle in the retention of members.

    1. Baptist Trainfan3 April 2023 at 09:28

      I do realise that, although I don't agree with their position.

    2. Well, dear Baptist Trainfan, if you are indeed a Baptist, you will not only disagree with the stand of Traditionalists in the matter of woman priests and bishops, but you will dispute the very existence of priests and bishops, whether male, female or of any other putative gender.

  6. Anglican Misfit2 April 2023 at 10:47

    I think the real problem with Women in the Church is not that they are female but that they are so often fearsome Feminists. Following a God who, unfortunately, appears to be a man, was always going to come second to their main agenda. If you find a female who is first and foremost a priest you will also find that she is committed to preaching the Gospel, runs a thriving church, and is at odds with her Bishop.


    GAFCON vs The Church in Wales.
    No contest.
    The chocolate teapot Randy Pandy is utterly hopeless.