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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

May Day!

Source: Twitter @stpetercarms
It is fitting that the Eucharist service advertised on the left is to be held on 1st May given the intention and pagan origins of May Day.

Victimisation is implicit in praying for equality while celebrating diversity. There are others far less equal who are never mentioned apart from being told to find somewhere else to worship.

The bishop of St Davids again identifies her ministry most closely with advancing homosexuality in the church while pursuing her policy of gender parity.

The bishops of Llandaff and St Asaph have similar agendas so at least half the bench is closely allied with the aspirations of Changing Attitudes. 

The former Archbishop Barry Morgan liked to remind anyone who had to listen to him that the bench spoke with one voice so the Church in Wales is off course travelling in the wrong direction.

May Day!


  1. St Paul, of course, set off on his missionary journeys with the primary aim of making homosexuals more at home in the church - nothing else.

    1. The above poster AB. It should read 'Sant Ioan' not 'San'. Please tell me that this is not another gender I've woken up to'

  2. Praying for equality as long as you agree with our point of view. Really?

  3. This neatly demonstrates how very wrong the CinW now is.
    If a Bishop of St. Davids can mix a Eucharist with gay rights and female equality then we are indeed in serious trouble. Strictly, she should resign.

  4. Once again the vocal minority trumps the majority. I really believed when I first joined the CinW that we were an inclusive church. I still believe that all are welcomed to the table, I see no difference between Male and Female, Straight or Gay or what ever label an individual wishes to give themselves. I would welcome to my church some one who got their rocks off with a blow up sheep should such a thing happen. What I fail to understand is why there is a call for separate provision and celebration for anyone who feels different from the norm. All are welcome, if you choose not to feel welcome then this is your issue not the issue of the church.
    Christ did not feel the need to separate his ministry into little bits. We read in the Epistle to the Galatians that there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free or Male and Female. We are all one in Christ. There is a risk that we miss the bigger picture with all this pandering to small groups. The CinW is dying on its arse and people are worried about being inclusive? Madness, sheer madness. Will allowing gay marriage solve the problems of declining numbers and empty coffers? No, it won't. Will campaigns about domestic violence against women make a difference? How about domestic violence against men, will this get a mention? This is akin to the staff on the Titanic rearranging the deck chairs and handing out brochures with next years cruise dates printed on them.
    One Church, One Faith, One Lord?


  5. Perhaps St. David's Carmarthen would be a more appropropriate venue for Ms Penberthy.

  6. PP. You dont seem to hear anything that the former ++ is up to, does seem to be asst whatever in any of the 6, or even in ermine yet! It is unfortunately his tenure that began the more serious demise, from the top. As for the current ++ the jury is still out. As for both St Davids and Llandaff, time will tell, but cutting a little slack, will not do any harm. The inclusion Eucharist duly note, is at least an attempt to engage with Jo public and her appointment to the CA board an only be a good move for the CinW.
    To forget who is head of the Church, leaves us less able to accept His mission, which simply put is "heart to God, hand to man", in a secular age that demands "doing Church" differently. Which many commentators in this blog have highlighted on several occasions.

  7. Poor old Saints Philip And James (whose feast day this is - or was) don't get a look in. Yet again, disdain for the tradition and the faith of the majority of the world's Christians.

  8. The sad truth Lolo with all this is that we don't deserve to survive.

    We have disdained His Word, we have loved freedom more than the Emancipator and turned it into licence. We have loved the benefits more than the Benefactor and forgotten He is Lord. We have taken the fruit of the Reformation with freedom of conscience and thought and made ourselves the arbiters of truth and morality.

    We have decried the common good and made the majority subservient to a vocal minority who bully, cry foul and weaponize their victim-hood such to silence debate and discussion. All that we and our forebears knew to be right and true is under sustained and existential attack.

    The time is almost upon those who truly hold to the scripture, the creeds and the historic formularies of the faith once for all time delivered to the saints to take to their 'Mayflowers' and find a spiritual home where we can worship Christ in spirit and in truth.

    The truth is though that that we will have not left the church but the institutional corpse of Welsh Anglicanism would have left us. Liberal churches never grow only wither and die on the vine. This is the madness of the current direction of travel.