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Saturday, 5 May 2018

In Vogue!

Source: Twitter/Vogue

One of the tweets I received this morning led with the above photograph. The article was headed 'Collared Clergywear Wants to Give Women Ministers Something to Feel Stylish In'. It had a link to Collared Clergywear which was "founded by Reverend Sandra Sykes and her daughter several years ago in an attempt to, in Sykes’s own words, 'free women clergy to feel more like themselves at work'."

They are in vogue with the 'pride top' and the more relaxed 'butterfly top'.

 Pride top                      Source: Collared Clergywear
Butterfly top               Source: Collared Clergywear

For the more traditional minded when it comes to dress this creation has collar and cuffs in white lace with sizes from XS to XXL.

Abi Dress, Black/White lace     Collared Clergywear

I am sure they would feel more like themselves at work.


  1. There are female clerics who have been wearing episcopal purple shirts long before the GB voted tin favour of female bishops.

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  3. PP Can you imagine a Cope and Mitre as pictures one an two? I shudder at the thought. As for torn jeans, very unprofessional.

  4. No doubt, more Catholic and male Anglican clergy will be discarding the collar?

  5. There is only one colour for clerical shirts.....
    Until someone invents a colour darker than black.

  6. For those who believe the Holy Trinity is Versace, Dolce & Gabbana.

    1. Look a trifle more Top Shop, Gap and M&S........


  7. Collared Clergywear (Clergy-wear ??).....
    If this woman....who is missing an article of the definite variety I fear....Reverend (sic) Sandra Sykes and her daughter saw a commercial opportunity to flog clothes to women clergy OK need to dress it up (sorry) as anything else.
    Not very inclusive though is it?
    And really if you don't feel like yourself when ministering to people, irrespective of what you are wearing ...... perhaps it's the wrong vocation.

  8. Whatever your views on Women and Ministry, that should always be theological, not clothing related. I fully understand why people are against women in Ministry, but to be derogatory about whatever clothes they might buy or wear is just mean.

    For starters, all clergy clothing is expense. All Clergy clothing manufacturers are in the business of making money. It docent matter if clergy wears black head to toe or something more colourful, that will always be the case.

    Another thing to consider is the Church has been in a state of decline since the days when all clergy wore black. Many people welcome Clergy who dress differently. They feel it makes them more approachable. It also has nothing to do with theology.

    Keep the main thing the main thing – namely the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ. Keep fashion private. I don’t care if a minister wears a blue shirt, a black shirt or something off the wall. If they are able to proclaim the risen Christ that is all I care about.


    1. Surely, J, proclaiming the risen Christ is everything to do with theology? The sad thing is that in this day and age, we have too many clergy, with bishops among them, who are theologically illiterate. They place style over substance every time - and I am not just talking about female clergy.

  9. Hi Seymour,

    I absolutely agree. I take theology very seriously. Proclaiming the risen Christ is all about theology.

    Focusing on what clergy wear however, is not.

    I suppose the crux of my argument is we spend so much time thinking about what Clergy wear we neglect the proclamation of the risen Christ – and the subsequent theology.

    As a general rule Clergy take what they wear far more seriously than anyone else. That is true for all traditions in the Church. I know of very Catholic leaning people who will, for example go to Rome once a year to stock up on their tastes. I know evangelicals equally who will invest in their style.

    Male and female Clergy alike care about what they wear.

    I actually have no problem with that. Whatever tradition of Church Clergy need to feel comfortable, as anyone does in the vocation, secular or spiritual.

    More the point is what are Clergy comfortable for. And that should be the proclamation of the Gospel. Keep the main thing the main thing. Don’t argue about clothes!

    Even in Worship, we need to keep some perspective. A group of Clergy were once arguing over what they believed it was right to wear when celebrating Holy Communion. Some Catholics were arguing the cause of Cassock, Alb, Stole and Chasuble. Some Evangelicals were arguing the cause of Cassock, surplice and preaching scarf. A lady who had been to Church faithfully all her life butted in to the argument ‘I can’t tell the difference’.

    Again, keep the main thing the main thing. I’d much rather the Clergy be arguing over theology than what they wear! Clergy wear is necessary, but it should not be our focus. We in the Church care far more than those who we are reaching.

    I’d take a Priest in fancy dress that is faithful to the Word and sacrament, over one who is donned up in the ‘appropriate wear’, but is not.