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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Faull of Bristol

Source: Twitter @ChristianToday/Diocese of Bristol

We have to expect women to be appointed to the episcopate after General Synod voted in favour of the innovation but the Church of England has not voted in favour of same sex blessings - yet.

That is no impediment to Vivienne Faull, the current Dean of York, who is to be the new bishop of Bristol.

Christian Today reports Faull had said she would have no problem theologically with blessing a gay relationship and condemned the Church for 'driving people away' with its stance on sexuality. She  had 'found ways' of celebrating civil partnerships without flouting the Church of England's legislation.

In the typically duplicitous manner used by feminists she said, "I look forward to leading a church that shows the love of Christ to everyone, whoever they are" as though the church lacks love if same sex marriage is not accepted.

There is little love shown to traditionalists but that doesn't bother them at all. The feminist lobby and their liberal supporters chip away  at the agreement which made it possible for women to be appointed bishops. In Wales of course devout Anglican women and men have been left with nothing with no concern whatsoever for the unchurched.

Also reported in Christian Today: "LGBT people should be encouraged into church leadership, clergy told". In a letter praising 'the great contribution that LGBT+ Christians are making', four bishops in Lichfield are urging clergy to take a different approach to welcoming gay people.

There is no shortage of gay people in the church and plenty of gay clergy. There is no problem welcoming gay people. It is all part of the strategy to move towards the acceptance of same sex marriage in church.

As if to make a plug for same sex blessings, a strong supporter of gay marriage, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry of the US Episcopal Church has been invited to preach at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding on Saturday.

As with the ordination of women, same sex marriage will be pursued at all levels in the Church of England until it is accepted. Supporters will again claim that victory is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Pull the other one.


  1. And all the time they undermine the great jewel of Christian civilisation, monogamous marriage between one man and one woman for life. That is God's pattern and all studies shows that it works, but hey He (yes He) is only the creator, what does He know?

  2. Aberrations around the basic tenets of marriage i.e. adultery, gay sex, promiscuity, have always happened. Using these as a reason to attack the foundations of the Christian ideal of monogamous marriage between a man and a woman is a monumental mistake. IF you take away the foundations the house will collapse.
    And to say that the Church has been unwelcoming to gay people is a lie. The direction the Anglican Church is taking is to me bewildering.

  3. Christian Today reports Faull had said she would have no problem theologically with blessing a gay relationship and condemned the Church for 'driving people away' with its stance on sexuality.

    Bishop Faull is absolutely right. The Bishops, with their stance on sexuality - any time, with anyone, or anything, any how, anywhere - have driven followers of Christ's teaching away from His church in the name one of equality and diversity. Unfortunately, these formerly victimised “equal and diverse” people have failed to seize this golden opportunity and are not rushing to fill all the vacant places left by the “bigoted homophobes”.
    I've thought for a long time that bishops were lamentably ignorant of theology but I hadn't realised how totally blinded they are by ideology. They should all study those few words of Bishop Faull. “... the Church for 'driving people away' with its stance on sexuality.
    I'm glad I can sign myself Anglican Misfit.

  4. When the dominoes start to faull, eventually nothing will be left standing. And having a supporter of same-sex marriage, Michael Curry, preach at your wedding is the height of logical inconsistency, unless of course one has been raised in a church faull of revisionist ideology.

  5. I think the time is fast approaching when those who wish to be faithful to Christ and his Gospel will have to leave this pernicious and duplicitous form of Anglicanism. The congregations locally are fed up with the Welsh episcopate constantly pushing the gay agenda. It amazes me that in their eagerness to wear a purple shirt and don a pointy hat, the bishops promise to uphold the Christian Gospel, to be teachers of the Faith, and to maintain unity in their dioceses. As soon as they get into office, they forget their canonical oaths, in favour anything that pleases society. Has it not occurred to the bishops in England or in Wales that their liberal agenda hasn't won anybody for Christ and that pews are emptying because of their ridiculous ideologies?
    Brothers and sisters, we should be steadfast in prayer that our Lord will return soon, and spare us from these hirelings who masquerade as bishops.

  6. As the Christian church stops believing and starts blessing every kind of sexual practice, so Islam feels itself justified and emboldened.

  7. Seeing her rabbit in the headlights 'road-kill in slow-motion' TV interview I genuinely felt sorry for the woman. Being a Dean anywhere a tough enough job without a personal agenda, let alone Dean of YM.
    But after the Grand Military Bells Up she made of it someone thinks it a good idea to boot her upstairs as a Bish ???? Seriously.

    1. Seymour, I regret to state that I think you are correct. The Church we were born into and grew up in no longer exists. But where can we go? Rome does not hold the idealistic appeal that it held for Newman. We have been unchurched by deluded career-perusing women of a particular sort.

    2. Look on the bright side16 May 2018 at 22:47

      If nothing else, the bell ringers of York Minster will be happy to see the back of vicious Viv Foull.

    3. There is another option, Rob. "People, look east..."

  8. Sometimes it's easier to promote than dismiss.....

  9. And for good measure: (Gosh, that Gomes knows how to write!)

  10. Comparisons are odious but since Matthew has made one here's another. The guest blog before this one -Homily on John 17. The fact that both Gavin Ashenden and Jules Gomes have had to leave the Church of England tells you all you need to know about where we are. Anglican Misfit

    1. It strikes me that the words of John Henry Newman, written so many years ago, sum up the present situation admirably. " Our misery as a Church has arisen from people being afraid to look difficulties in the face...from condoning rather than challenging. The consequence is that the Church has sunk to a sham." How prophetic! So many of our current leaders have abandoned their precious heritage and are set on turning a house of stone into a house of straw. Built as it is on a foundation of ever-shifting sands, which change with every turn of the secular tide, it can only be a matter of time before the whole crumbling edifice is swept away.