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Monday, 14 May 2018

Homily on John 17

Where the Gospel and the World Collide. Feminism v the Kingdom of Heaven.
Gavin Ashenden.

Reproduced from the blog: Gavin Ashenden - Restoring Orthodox Christianity as an Anglican.


  1. Well, exactly! Exactly! He's hit the nail on the head. That is our current situation, never better exemplified than in the actions of the two female Welsh bishops.
    But I fear that attempting to change this spirit of the (secular) age is a Canute-like act. The situation seems irreversible.

    1. How I pray for a small share in Bp Ashenden's gifts of preaching and teaching! Excellent as always. If you haven't seen him on youtube you're missing a treat. Search out Anglicans Unscripted.