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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Two faces of the Church in Wales

The people in this video explain what life would be like without their church to sustain them. 

Consider, then, what life is like for former members of the Church in Wales whose consciences have not allowed them to take the easy option by simply accepting that which the Church as a whole rejects.

If Christ had succumbed to the devil on the mountain there would be no church. 


  1. Absolutely. Many of us mourn for the Church that was.

  2. Would have been nice to hear from a plumber or unemployed person or shop worker

  3. A classic example of " The Tory Party at prayer" if ever an example was needed. These people have nothing in common with "Y Gwerinwyr" who once formed the back bone of the church. Another P R disaster for the Church in Wales.

    1. Watchman, it is very easy to be negative, but lets look at the positive. Each of these individuals spoke about their faith. Each of them said that Jesus mattered to them, and that their faith grounds them. More and more these days, Christians are becoming too afraid to speak up for their faith or for Jesus. So I think we should applaud their courage. Seymour

    2. Another typically one-sided PR media fluff story to make one heave.

      Little old "subversive" ladies and widows of Llandaff asked for an opinion?

      Former congregants who left Llandaff (having being told "tough" by bully boy --Bazza) asked for an opinion?

      Former Llandaff assistant Organist asked for an opinion?

      Former LLandaff Lay clerks asked for an opinion?

      Former Llandaff Directors of Music asked for an opinion?

      Former Llandaff cleaner Jade asked for an opinion?

      Former Llandaff handyman Huw asked for an opinion?

      Former Llandaff Catholic curate Ceirion Gilbert asked for an opinion?

      Former LLandaff server David Jones asked for an opinion?

      Former Llandaff Diocesan Registrar and former Deputy Chapter Clerk David Lambert asked for an opinion?

      Former Llandaff office staff like Claire asked for an opinion?

      Very white and very middle/upper class.
      A token Welsh speaker was included but no token black, asian, gay or lesbian?

      Looks like none of the Clergy could be trusted with an opinion either.

    3. Watchman: 'The Tory Party at prayer'? What century are you living in? That has not existed since the 1950s. The Church has been taken over by leftward-leaning liberals. Are you one of them? I fear your judgement on this matter is lamentable. Lamentable! Oh that there were more Ann Widdecombes!

  4. The muzak and the slow-motion "atmospherics" put me off; I had to switch off after less than 2 minutes.

  5. Hold on...just fetching my fiddle...for heaven sake stop with the sob story AB - pull your head out of the sand, roll your sleeves up, and get stuck into the business of living out your faith. La Sophia.

    1. Where La Sophia? The CiW has burned while the bishops fiddled. Mary

    2. You express the views of the bench perfectly LS. They couldn't care less for worshippers the church has abandoned while elevating minorities as if ministering to homosexuals and Muslims will make a difference to decline.

      Have you bothered to consider what life is like for former members of the Church in Wales whose consciences have forced them to become un-churched?

      It is easy for the unprincipled and those prepared to adapt their principles to continue attending church but for those in conscience 'living out their faith' as you put it, there is no alternative.

    3. One alternative for those in conscience living out their faith is writing a blog!

      The heads well and truly planted in the sand are those of the useless Bishops we're stuck with.

  6. Who is this aimed at? I'm curious. What's the point? Unless it's a sugary-Americanized-self-congratulatory-pat-on-the-back for the in-crowd. I find it disturbingly narcissistic - a 'behavioral preference' culminating in CIW's strangely 'narcissistic obsession with its own internal thought processes'.

  7. Um - Geraint ap Iorweth - if I have my facts right I'm not sure you're the best to speaking about 'behavioural preferences' when it comes to ministry in the CinW. Speck, plank and mirror are the words that come to mind. La Sophia.

    1. Yes it did, for you. Forced early retirement and disgrace! The irony is that you would have very much found yourself on the wrong side of this blog back then. Exemplifies how certain types attract one another. La Sophia.

    2. For the record 'anonymous' - I had been planning my departure for a few years and picked my own rubicon-resignation moment - nothing was forced or 'disgraced'. Glad to be post Anglican and post patriarchal Monotheism (but not post Jesus) though saddened that no Christian has yet (of all traditions) answered my simple question: "Is your God violent?" I'm still on the wrong side of this blog, anonymous, gratias ago deam

    3. Gratias agere takes the dative.

  8. Can we only lament? Surely if congregations fall, people leave as the Church slides towards greater political correctness,should there not be a ground swell movement to stave the rot. Bleating is fine for some, but action speak louder PP.

  9. Cymru'r Groes13 April 2018 at 23:20

    The rot is well beyond staving.
    Many, very many have reached the conclusion that the best thing to do is to let the monolith collapse under it's own weight of bullshit and the sooner the better.