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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

'The Hour' has come

‘The Hour’ previewed here was broadcast last night on 16 April, not 14 April as stated in the diocesan Press Release.

Joanna Penberthy’s contribution was worse than I feared, aligning the church with a political movement rather than the kingdom of God. She was unbalanced, dishonest in her claims and blatantly sexist. I doubt that she brought anyone to Christ.

No wonder Barry Morgan thought she was the best person to be a bishop in the Church in Wales.

There was no mention of the genuine theological problems experienced by the majority of Christians, including women, who are unable to accept the validity of the ordination of women. Just a one-sided bleat about perceived injustice.

Not recognising the validity of her orders may be "water of a duck's back" for the bishop but it is a deluge that has ruined the spiritual lives of the male priests she referred to as unable to accept her sacramental ministry and many more lay people who are unable to accept a minority innovation that benefits the few at the expense of many.

Readers who are able to access the BBC’s iPlayer can watch the programme. It was about women – “A hundred years since some of us got the vote, are women still discriminated against in today’s Wales or has Feminism gone too far?”

After discussing politics the presenter moved to “an even older institution, the church” (position 25.50). There was a short film designed to illustrate the so-called prejudice experienced  by the woman who 'will go down in history as Wales’ first ever women bishop. “It’s not about being a victim”, Penberthy asserted, "if you can be prejudiced in the soft institution of the church, what does that say about your attitude to women?”

That is why, she said, in the first interview after her consecration she was talking about the fact that two women a week are killed by their partners. Until that stops "we have a job on our hands". It was not clear if that comes before or after her campaign to welcome LGBT+ people despite their disproportionate presence in the church.

The former Ass Bishop of Llandaff claimed that ‘the ordination of women would rid the world of homophobia, misogyny, brutalisation of women in all situations including those in war zones’. The Church in Wales now has women priests and bishops but the claims continue with the same false accusations of  homophobia and misogyny.

Penberthy emphasised the point that she chose to pursue the brutalisation of women theme in her first interview after her enthronement rather than the core Christian message, the proclamation of the coming of the kingdom of God.

Later in the  discussion the presenter returned  to the bishop to ask about the future. What could be changed for the better? “Women need to be valued” was the bishop’s response as though women are not valued already. She was also given the last word on 'the most important thing' she had heard in the debate. Once again it was that two women a week are killed by their partners. Until "we get passed that and women are safe in their own homes then we haven’t really made any progress", she said.

The 'soft institution of the church' to use Penberthy's words has been used by feminists to advance their own cause at the expense of the church, trampling on the faithful in the process. An unsigned (therefore unpublished) comment on another thread suggested the we misogynists should "look beyond your own ecclesiastical communities and see how women continue to be exploited and mistreated".

How mistreating and exploiting the church for political ends is supposed to make a difference is not explained. It would help if the infiltrators did something at the sharp end rather than seek a comfortable living while destroying the church which had enriched the lives of many more women then those who claim to be discriminated against.

The hour has come. Bishops have responsibilities as bridge builders but their attitude is take it or leave. Many have left the church enabling Penberthy to claim that only a few do not accept her sacramental role.

Feminism has gone too far. Often the most vehement opposition to the ordination of women comes from women but that is not mentioned. There is discrimination in the church. It is most obvious at the top. It must stop.


  1. We all seem to have been rendered speechless AB!
    Don't understand the Bishop's “soft institution of the church”. She can't have been weaned yet.*
    Anglican Misfit
    *hope that comment's not too obscure.

  2. Oh dear, not up to the job. Now seeking sympathy through the Media; when she was well aware this would happen. Bless!

  3. Is that the sound of Dewi Sant spinning in his grave that I hear?

  4. Alwyn from Abertawe19 April 2018 at 10:11

    Not the brightest sandwich in the picnic basket is she? And she needs someone who will 'speak truth unto power' in Abergwyli, and who will tell her "Don't go on the TV, Joanna, because you will only make a mess of it and look even more ridiculous than before." How discouraging for parishioners in Tyddewi to see their 'bishop' being so undermining of everything they are working so hard for at the coal face. yet another example of (what Geoffrey Howe called) 'the captain breaking the [cricket] bats.'

    This is the new ecclesiastical Mary Beard, but without the intellect or the cultural intelligence. One thing's for certain, this performance has only served to cull another couple of hundred of wavering would-be worshippers for the Church in Wales. Keep it up, Joanna!

  5. HashtagStopYourGiving19 April 2018 at 10:15

    Probably, Father.

    In Llandaff, Dyfrig, Teilo & Euddogwy have become known as The Three Tops.
    What I saw on Twitter yesterday won't be changing that anytime soon.

    It appears that Bishopette Caiaphas is continuing where Darth --Insidious left off, funding jollies from the unaudited discretionary funds topped up by dipping hands into the collection plates.
    "The Llandaff Senior Staff are enjoying the hospitality of Mill House Retreat Centre for a couple of days of team building including our new Archdeacon! Down to work! @LlandaffDio"

    No signs of austerity, just more profligacy.

    1. Caiaphas and her cronies know how to enjoy themselves.
      You can all work out how much is being squandered on this "team building" farce by "sneaking a peak" at
      Nice work if you can get it.

  6. Surely team building was done is the good olde days by many a bishop and his team. I can think of two incidences when a former bishop/archbishop of Wales did just that. However the retreat was at a local retreat house. But there was always the St Stephen's House retreat every autumn too for all clergy.
    As for + Dewi Sant, who knows. But, she is bishop and should be afforded the due respect, even if she is not what everyone likes or wants. She has only w in post a short while. Would a man receive the same comments. There have been far worse in many dioceses and not just Wales either.
    It is so easy to criticize, but can anyone criticising do a better job ?PP