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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Lowlights April 2018

Highlights, the report of this month's meeting of the Governing Body of the Church in Wales is available via a Press Release web link

The provincial press release provides a fair summary:

From the Church’s role in the public square to a report from our delegate at a UN summit on women – a full round-up of the news from April’s meeting of the Governing Body can be read in Highlights.

If you don't get enough politics elsewhere and you are obsessed with gender equality regardless of ability you are likely to find Highlights a good read.

If you still regard the Church in Wales as a spiritual organisation don't bother.

One empowered woman's comment received in advance: A complete waste of time, effort and money. Debating non-issues just to look as if they are doing something. I truly believe the church is terminally ill.


  1. TheQuietRevolution26 April 2018 at 12:26

    I don't know whether that's a completely fair comment to make, AncientBriton... within the publication there are those who are speaking out and it would be good of us to offer our prayers for them. There is an interesting insight on the kids communion debate by Rev. Dean Roberts at - it seems that all is not what it seems and it isn't a happy little family within the Church in Wales. Interesting the same person, in Highlights, also asked about women being empowered to evangelise at home... is he subtly referring to the fact that it is men who need the most empowering at the current time?

  2. In reply TQR I think I need only quote the Rev Dean Roberts when he wrote: "As you can imagine, generally the speech went down like a lead balloon. One thing I lament over about the Governing Body is that sensationalism (and humour) often trumps scripture. If you can pull heart strings or tell an amusing joke, that seems to carry more weight than actual theological reflection or concern."

    1. It is clear from listening to the "debates" that very few of the Governing Body are biblically literate.