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Monday, 19 October 2015

Wales, Wales and beyond

Vienna 1683                                                                                           Vienna 2015

An interesting article from Wales Online today for Welsh History Month, Gerald of Wales championed what he believed were the ancient rights of his church: "In the closing days of November 1199, the archdeacon of Brecon, Gerald de Barry – better known today as Gerald of Wales – arrived in Rome after a long and arduous journey from Wales. He had not come as a pilgrim to pray at the shrines of the saints, but as bishop-elect of St Davids to champion what he believed were the ancient rights of his church". One wonders what Gerald de Barry would make of the Church in Wales under Archbishop Barry and, indeed, modern bishops in general and of the problems facing the Church today.

Also of interest is a letter to the Editor of the Western Mail headed "Immigration crisis in Europe". This is a very emotional subject as viewers of last Thursday's Question Time will testify. It is a natural Christian instinct to take pity on the plight of others, especially the less fortunate. As commented on the Question Time programme, "we are all human beings" but many of the worst affected do not have the resources to flee to Europe. Those who do so appear well dressed with smart phones and a determination not just to get out of war zones but to decide which Christian country (for now) should be their ultimate destination. Beware the Trojan Horse?

Vienna 1653 saw a mighty last ditch battle against the Muslim Ottoman Empire in defence of Christianity but in Vienna 2015 Muslims are welcomed with open arms despite the butchery of Christians that continues in Muslim countries. Armed jihad or cultural jihad, the object is the same, Islamisation of the world by whatever means according to their holy book. Read "Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe" here.

Church of England bishops who failed to see the consequences of their actions in mimicking the liberal policies of the Episcopal Church of the United States have joined the emotional clamor to allow more migrants into Great Britain on a suck it and see basis. Meanwhile, David Cameron is accused of "McCarthyism" over extremism plans by UK's biggest Muslim group, the Muslim Council of Britain.

Bishop Cottrell assured the Prime Minister that the church has "troops on the ground" ready to help. Just the Church?

Express: People climb through windows of a train to try and get to Serbia [Getty Images]

Postscript [20.10.2015]

David Cameron rebukes Church of England bishops over refugee letter here.

Postscript [23.10.2015]

Read Rod Liddle writing in The Spectator about his Question Time encounter with Simon Schama here. The TV clip is excellent. Note also the designer clothing in the above picture.


  1. I think David Cameron has foresight and can see the implications and likely future danger of responding to the Anglican Bishop's request for thousands to be admitted. Where are the 'troops on the ground' ready to help? Is this just a small group of altruistic ladies from small parishes who are agreeing in all innocence to accommodating refugee immigrants in their homes. This might work for a week or so ,but what is to happen for their accommodation long term? We cannot accommodate our own citizens in Council housing- there being insufficient. It is most likely that the immigrant refugees will jump up the waiting list for Council accommodation. Any person taking children into their own homes would need to be CRB checked. Do these 'Christian troops on the ground' really understand the impossibility of living with a Muslim family? Not all those attempting to get to Europe and the U.K. are of the Christian religion,and it needs only a handful of brain-washed ISIS to create mayhem in this country.
    I am not a racist, but I am looking at this practically.

  2. Thank God! At last, some common sense from a Tory. Hence, too late to save his own position, it does seem being kicked out of number 10 for his 'Remain' views did wake this idiot up. Now, as for Dr Wonga & Morgan - more Horlicks anyone?