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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Physician heal thyself!

Credit: BBC/AP

The Archbishop of Wales has criticised former Prime Minister Tony Blair over his 'emphatic defence' of the Iraq war. Blair was 'gung-ho' on Iraq invasion, says the Archbishop. Mr Blair has apologised for mistakes in the conflict but says without invasion Iraq might have become another Syria. Dr Morgan said the implications of the actions should have been considered. Report here.

That's rich coming from the Archbishop who is primarily responsible for the current parlous state of the Church in Wales after imposing his liberal values on her. Could he not see the consequences of pursuing the same failed policies which led to the decimation of the US Episcopal Church? Wise after the event on Iraq he must have been willfully blind to events which result in the collapse of the historic Parish system in Wales and in less than 1% of the population of Wales attending the Church of which he is Archbishop.

Also, I very much doubt that the Archbishop and the Bench considered the implications of their emotional response to the "refugee" crisis. From the Facing Islam Blog: "As millions of more Muslims continue to flood the continent, they will not be limited to expressing their anti-Christian hostility on the unprotected dead in cemeteries, or on inanimate church buildings, statues, and crosses. Rather, as in the Islamic world, native Christians themselves will be hounded and persecuted, possibly into extinction".

Dr Morgan said "It would seem to me that if you are the prime minister, it's no good just removing one regime without thinking what's going to replace it". So what is to replace the Church in Wales after extinction? It would seem to me that if you are Archbishop, Dr Morgan, you should ensure that members of the Church in Wales who wish to keep the faith benefit from arrangements already established in England. Physician heal thyself!


  1. With regard to the refugee/immigrant problem,has something changed since this press release on the CinWales website- dated 14 September? Key points:

    The Church in Wales will keep abreast of developments, but is not planning to do anything independently of other organisations who have more expertise. In due course we will be able to direct people to Local Authorities or local partnerships who may be offering help.

    If you have accommodation to offer, it is better to wait until we know where refugees will be sent for re-settlement before contacting your Local Authority. (If you are planning to offer church premises, please contact the Church in Wales property department in the first instance.)

    The best way to help now is to give MONEY to the main NGOs active in this field: the Red Cross helps refugees and asylum seekers, including in Calais and in the UK; Christian Aid, Embrace the Middle East, Oxfam, Save the Children all work with refugees in the Middle East and elsewhere. Equipment, food and clothing are NOT required at present – there is sufficient in situ and there are problems storing the surplus.

    The problem of those immigrating into this country is a matter for Central Government, and needs expert and rigorous assessment . I fear greatly when I hear the reporting of Muslims beating up the Christians in refugee camps in Germany. The very last thing this country needs amateur intervention proposed by the C in W Governing Body. The behaviour demonstrated by a proportion of persons fleeing war countries ,now calls for a strict judgement to be made of each individual asking for asylum. I dread to think what might happen in this country otherwise.

  2. Civil war, Simple Soul!!


    “There were aspects of the Roman Catholic Church that I was uncomfortable with and more importantly the fundamental difference of approach and attitude of the Anglican Communion towards diversity on many levels including liturgical, ethical and sacramental and recognition of human dignity.”

    Read into that what you will.

    And believe it or not, he's even more vertically challenged than the glove puppet!

  4. No need to read into it what you will LEV.

    Llandaff should suit him very well.

  5. Since All Souls day fast approaches, the chaos surrounding the cathedral music department continues, so I wonder what crap the glove puppet is concocting for this year?

    A reminder of the upset he caused last year, taken from

    "Lead Me Not Into Temptation October 27, 2014 at 6:02 PM
    Yet more change for the sake of change.
    Monday 3 November 7.30pm
    This year at the All Souls Service we are changing the format.
    The service will be a Requiem and those wishing to remember the Faithful Departed will have an
    opportunity to place candles as an act of remembrance. I have decided to do this rather than have
    the faithful departed named individually – it will be a reflective service of music and readings.
    I hope it will be a special time for any of us who have lost loved ones to express our love and thanksgiving for them.
    The Dean
    Was anyone consulted by Bazza's golf caddie about this?
    I rather liked individuals being named as it served to remind me of all those family, friends and acquaintances, especially as my own memory is fading in my dotage.
    One suspects the provision of an "opportunity to place candles" is nothing more than a stage managed attempt to divert attention from the lack of a proper Cathedral choir to sing a proper Requiem Mass.
    A candle inscribed with the words "Cathedral Choir" might be well "placed" where the glove puppet would find most uncomfortable."

  6. With regard to the new parish system mentioned in your post. Any opposition to it in the Bangor diocese appears either bought or snuffed away. For instance, what ever became of its critic the much feared blogger 'Beleaguered of Bangor'? Has he been sent on sabbatical as well? An useful remedy to ponder ones future, is it not?

  7. Well Ancient Briton, if you enjoy contributions to your blog,then whatever the topic or your chosen 'labels' ,just mention ++Barry,the Dean,Llandaff and everyone wakes up!

  8. Indeed Simple soul, although it doesn't require rocket science to understand why. Yesterday, on good old BBC Wales, he tried his hand at politics, the first in a long time. Topic? Immigrants, would you believe (Please stop laughing).

    Mind you, to give the lad a chance, whatever his failure and hopes of becoming a political ecclesiastical icon, you have to concede that his strategy for driving traditional worshipers away from the Church in Wales is a roaring success.

  9. If the House of Lords is not 'on offer' on retirement, then I am certain there will be a little office in Y Senydd.

  10. If my Welsh is correct, 'Y Senedd' is probably what you mean. Otherwise you're spot on target Simple soul,'The Ecclesiastical Banana Republic of Wales.

  11. Llandaff Pewster28 October 2015 at 11:38

    "Banana Republic" sounds like a good name for a cake served at the pilot-scheme pop-in Tea Room Cathedral Cafe St Mike's@Prebendal experiment disaster.

    There's still no sign of the "analysis of the success of the project" promised by the glove puppet in the September Bell magazine and certainly no "franchise to set the facility on a permanent basis".