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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Persecuted and Forgotten? - Christian wipe out

Please do not skip this heart-rending video

"Islamic State's daily abductions, murders and beheadings on Christians have come close to wiping out the faith completely in Syria" warns Jean-Clement Jeanbart, the Greek Melkite Catholic Archbishop of Aleppo who has been in London to call for action in Syria. Christianity has been almost completely destroyed by ISIS fanatics in Syria, he said. At least 1,000 Christians had been abducted and murdered in Aleppo. Report here

This is no exaggeration. The vast exodus of Christians from Syria, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East highlights the very real possibility that Christianity could soon all but disappear from much of its ancient homeland. Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has published a report 'Persecuted and Forgotten?' which assesses the deepening plight of Christians in 22 countries of concern. Drawing on testimony from witnesses of persecution, the report shows why Christians are the world’s most persecuted faith group. Executive Summary here.

There is no escape from this brutality. According to this report an Iranian man was severely beaten in a German refugee camp for converting to Christianity. The man is thought to have told some Afghan migrants that he had embraced Christianity. A few days later one Afghan beat him unconscious with a baton, declaring that his conversion was a "sin".

This is not an isolated incident. In August, riots broke out in an overcrowded German refugee camp after an Afghan resident tore pages out of a Koran and threw them in the toilet. At least 17 people were left injured when 20 Syrian refugees chased the man after he ruined the Islamic holy book. The crowd even turned their anger towards the camp's security guards who tried to protect the alleged offender. The migrants smashed car windows and ransacked buildings in a rampage which lasted several hours.

The 'holier than thou' Church of England  bishops who wrote to the Prime Minister demanding that tens of thousands of migrants be admitted to Great Britain should pay more attention to people who understand these matters such as the Archbishop of Aleppo and ACN. Migrants are not leaving Islam behind. It is being exported.

Postscript [25.10.2015]

Doubters read "Christians Persecuted by Muslims Even in the West" here.

Postscript [26.10.2015]

Christian refuges targeted by Muslim migrants. Mass slaughter of Christians in the Middle East should be recognised as “genocide” here.


  1. Dear God. This blog report is something of what I tried to say in a comment in the previous one "Wales Wales and beyond".
    The Anglican Bishops believe that through "the troops on the ground" which they believe exist ,the British public will accommodate refugee immigrants -an unknown number of whom would be Muslim. So be prepared to make a halal kitchen and pantry : no lard alcohol,gelatine or any pork products .It is offensive to a Muslim to eat with you left hand.Be prepared for strategically placed prayer mats in your house. Be prepared for' prayer time' whatever else may be happening in your house. Crucifixes and Icons will not be tolerated in your house.The prophet forbade the hanging of pictures .Thus photographs of you loved family will be found offensive,although pictures of inanimate objects I believe are allowed. Dogs are not allowed to be kept as pets in the house ,so do not think of giving your dog a welcome hug. Police sniffer dogs may be required to wear booties in a Muslim household! Furthermore you will cause offence if you do not remove your own shoes in your own house.
    I shall leave sceptical readers to explore for themselves the ritual of washing,as I find the description a little unpleasant.
    Unless the response proposed by the Anglican Bishops is selective,we shall experience and suffer a cultural invasion.

  2. Llandaff Pewster25 October 2015 at 18:56

    An excellent talk given by Roger Scruton on Radio 4 this morning.
    What a sensible man.