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Saturday, 14 March 2015

The road to hell...

... is not always paved with good intentions.

[See also new Page: 'What every Muslim needs to know' in the right hand column.]

Koran invites people to violence’ – Queen’s chaplain                Photo: Reuters / Luke MacGregor

A recurring theme among some employees was the pressure they felt they were under to keep their religion hidden at work and feeling discriminated against when it came to wearing religious symbols or expressing their beliefs.  This was particularly felt by Christians. - Creating a fairer Britain

Misplaced secularism dressed up as religion in some quarters and political correctness have resulted in Jews and Christians being afraid to express their faith in their own country today while Muslims, many of them immigrants who came to our shores to enjoy the benefits of a free society, not only parade their faith on our streets with impunity but aim to use democracy against us to advance the cause of Islam. If that were not bad enough they have been aided by the Anglican Church. 

Despite all the advantages they demand for their own religion Muslims continue to complain about the way they are treated, treated being the operative word: "Yesterday, more than 60 imams and leaders of Muslim groups signed an open letter to the Government accusing it of criminalising Islam". Why? Because one of the Queen’s chaplains,the Reverend Canon Gavin Ashenden expressed concern that around 100 passages in the Muslim holy book incite followers to violence, including 'striking off heads'.

How can they complain? Because they can. They regard it as a religious duty to do so, diverting any criticism away from Islam. In their open letter to the government, the imams and Muslim group leaders claimed that the ‘terror threat’ was being exploited for political capital ahead of the election as ‘the big parties inevitably try to outdo each other in their nastiness’. They have criticised the ‘demonisation of Muslims in Britain ... despite their disavowal of violence and never having supported terrorist acts’.

By inference they must accept that what Canon Ashdenden said is true but they do not approve of him expressing his concern that Islam gives rise to violent jihad, presumably on the grounds that cultural jihad is peaceful by comparison as they attempt to convert Britain and every other free nation to Islam under the rule of Sharia.   

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, denial is constant: Imam says Islam not to blame for “deplorable acts” of sex grooming gangs. It was “not credible to blame a whole community”. He added: “Some groups are exploiting the cases of sexual grooming and are linking the depraved actions of the perpetrators to Islam. The 'whole community' is not being blamed, neither are Muslims in general but it is undeniable that the common factor in the violence abroad and the wretched child abuse dominating the media at home is Islam.

It should be obvious even to the casual observer that Islam is at war worldwide, as it has been since its formation, overtly with armed jihad in Iraq, Syria and Africa and covertly with the more sinister cultural jihad in the West. Muslims constantly defend Islam insisting that right is on their side because their prophet said so. That is merely a justification of his own position on his own terms without critical assessment, something that is banned in Islam. By comparison the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the witnessed, fulfillment of Biblical prophecies. There cannot be another prophet other than a false prophet.

Replying to Thomas (the doubter) when Christ was asked, "Lord, we do not know where You are going, how do we know the way?Jesus answered, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; from now on you know Him, and have seen Him."

The Bible could not be clearer. Jesus fulfills the many biblical prophecies with the warning: "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolvesYou will know them by their fruits". Two short, sound, simple proofs that Muhammad was a false prophet from Deuteronomy deductions illustrate the point.

Eternal life is offered unconditionally without the suffering demanded in the Koran which is based on fear and retribution based on the claims of a single person who claimed to hear the word of God. Today that would be regarded as delusion.

So why, on 6 March, was a service of Muslim prayers held in St John’s Waterloo, an Anglican church, a short walk from the South Bank opposite the Houses of Parliament? Probably the best answer is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, something that the Bishop of Southwark has responded to in the following terms: “The Bishop of Southwark takes very seriously his responsibility to uphold the teaching of the Church and to work within its framework of legislation and guidance. It is quite clear that Islamic prayer should not take place in a consecrated building.  This is why he has asked the Bishop of Kingston to investigate fully what happened. It is inappropriate to seek to make further public comments on this matter until this has happened.”

As Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith, a Catholic priest and doctor of moral theology wrote: "Once a place has been used for Muslim worship it is ipso facto a mosque". Quite so. Re-consecration is in order.

Andrew Symes wrote on Anglican Mainstream: "The purpose of the event was presumably to symbolically bring the Church and Islam together by uniting Christians and Muslims in prayer. It was also to show how a modernised Islam can successfully incorporate some key Western values – the group of worshippers consisted of men and women standing, kneeling and prostrating together; the prayers were led by men and women, and the sermon was delivered by a female Imam, hence 'Inclusive Mosque'." 

So there we have it. The inclusive church, the inclusive mosque, Gathering; call it what you will. Note that the Gathering's "Ecumenical Communion" service begins with a passage of scripture which has been used  to justify just about every liberal departure from the historic Christian faith, in particular the ordination of women: "In Christ Jesus we are all children of God through faith. There is no longer Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female.

That will music to the ears of the Vicar of St John's Waterloo who said: St John's recently hosted an "Inclusive Jummah" in partnership with the Inclusive Mosque Initiative. Led by Dr Amina Wadud, it was timed for the run up to International Women's Day last weekend. Dr Wadud is a long-time campaigner for gender justice in Islam. - St John's also offers thanksgivings and dedications to couples after civil marriages, including same-sex marriages, although so far no one has requested such a service! - In turn music to Dr Morgan's ears.

The same recipe that has put secularism before faith, marginalising devout Christians in the process. Not only the Bishop of Southwark but the whole liberal ascendancy should be beating their chests for what they have done and asking God, not Allah for forgiveness while explaining the truth to Muslims so that they too may be saved.

This is urgent because, sadly, despite all the obvious violet extremism, FGM (not based on the Koran but recommended!), shared husbands, honour killings and even burial alive in the name of honour, 'around 5,000 British people convert to Islam every year – and most of them are women'. Many of these will have been disillusioned by the liberal 'advances' pressed by people who profess to call themselves Christian but in reality have sought personal advancement to the detriment of others.

We owe it not only to converts but to all Muslims to set the record straight if they are to avoid descent into hell.

Reverend Gavin Ashenden said around 100 passages in the Muslim holy book
incite followers to violence, including 'striking off heads' 


  1. According to Sharia Law, St John's Waterloo is now for ever a mosque. "Once a mosque, always a mosque".

    1. Luckily we are not bound by Sharia Law, and that church building can be reclaimed for Christ by an exorcism and re-consecration.

  2. Permitting the 'service ' in St.John's Anglican Church,Waterloo, was a denial of Christianity and a desecration of that church. To partake in inter- faith acts of worship is nothing short of gullible. I have no doubt that there are good moral Muslims, but in acknowledging this ,we do not and should not, acknowledge a faith that is in error. If we do so we water down our own faith, and are not taking heed of Christ's warning to beware of false prophets.
    Why are we so prepared to water down our own faith?
    My feeling is that those ( mostly women) who have converted to Islam have undergone coercive persuasion and for some young girls it has an ambiance,appearance or aspect of fashionability or enables them to stand out and mark their independence : almost like joining a gang.

  3. The fact that Islam is religion of violence has been proved in, and accepted by the British courts. Some may remember that Nick Griffin was prosecuted ten years ago for comments he made privately about Islam. His defence was to forensically dissect the Koran in open court over two days in the witness box, with such skill and clarity that he was found to be simply speaking the truth (despite most people's personal misgivings about Mr Griffin as an individual).