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Thursday, 26 March 2015

God bless MSF

"We are now a year into the deadliest Ebola outbreak the world
has ever seen, with at least 24,000 people infected and more than
10,000 deaths. Ebola has destroyed lives and families, left deep
scars, and ripped at the social and economic fabric of Guinea,
Liberia and Sierra Leone."

One of the ironies of this life is that when tragedy strikes, people unite to help their fellow human beings. Natural disasters bring out the best in people. In the front rank you will always find MSF. Their courageous work in fighting the Ebola virus, putting their own lives at risk for others is an example that shames many of us. Not least those poor deluded souls who believe that they will earn their place in heaven by slaughtering others. 

If you wish to show your appreciation you can thank MSF here

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