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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The few

Welcome to Great Britain, saved by "The Few" for an alien few to do what Hitler couldn't do.

For my generation "The Few" means the gallant Allied Airmen referred to in Winston Churchill's inspiring phrase, "Never, in the field of human conflict, was so much owed by so many to so few."

These Airmen demonstrated how much can be achieved by so few. Today the position is reversed. The 'few' are 'extremists' who, we are told, "do not represent Islam". Why? Because they say so.

But Muslims are encouraged to lie if necessary to advance their cause even to those who have welcomed them, schooled them and cared for them when in need. Welcome to jihad!

In wartime Britain we used to huddle around radios waiting to hear our fate. Reassuringly Churchill said "we will never surrender " but "our native soil" is being surrendered by politically correct do-gooders who have welcomed the very people Churchill warned us against. Now we are paying the price. A former MI6 Director has been reported as saying that the security services will be able to monitor only a few of the 500 or so "Britons" who return to the country after fighting in Syria.

Three of the four ring leaders in the propaganda video shown by the BBC are from Cardiff in the Diocese of Llandaff where its bishop, the Archbishop of Wales and leader of 1% of the population, has been busily engaging with Muslims and anyone else he can find other than adherents of the Catholic faith creating a religious vacuum to be exploited by the unscrupulous.

In Great Britain Christians struggle to maintain their churches. When closed, mosques often replace them. According to the Mosque Directory there are 33 Mosques in Cardiff. It is unclear where these 'innocent boys' were radicalised.

Two of the four are brothers. According to a report on the BBC News they lied to their parents about their intentions when they left home. It is difficult not to sympathise with parents when their children have been led astray. But have they? If lying is a religious duty how do we know if they are speaking the truth? In the Middle East, armed to the teeth, ISIS warriors were filmed handing out copies of the Koran in the street. It would be naive to assume this was to convince locals that Islam is the religion of peace. Apologists should read here what the religion of peace is doing in the main Christian stronghold of Mosul in the province of ancient Nineveh.

This should come as no surprise. Christians are the "most persecuted group in world" (read here). Back in February, 'a jihadist group in Syria' demanded that Christians pay a levy in gold and accept curbs on their faith, or face death (here). ISIS is now said to control funds of $2bn.

On Newsnight last night there was a piece about three more "lovely boys" who had travelled to Syria to join other jihadists (story here). The local Imam was blamed by a parent for radicalising them but the Imam denied it. A representative of the Muslim Council of Great Britain on the programme complained about the demonization in the media of young Muslims.  Lord Carlisle agreed that demonizing young Muslims must be avoided because "99.9% recurring" of Muslims in this country are "totally opposed to this type of action". That misses the point. It takes just a few to create havoc while the majority simply claim it is wrong when asked but where are the protests about Islamist excesses to match those in the lead picture?

It is not 'Muslim men' but the basis of their beliefs which needs to be examined and discussed openly without charges of Islamophobia. Of course it would be wrong to demonize all young Muslims but if the faith of "99.9% recurring" of Muslims in this country is as shallow as it has become for many new Anglicans, do they really understand the implications of their belief? How can a 'Religion of Peace' be sending them to war? Answer: Peace will occur when Islam dominates the world but that seems to be lost on the warring factions in the Middle East.

Evidence from abroad is clear. Some Islamic states do not tolerate other religions. It has been estimated that Islam will be the dominant religion in this country within ten years. The outlook for non-Muslims (the Kafir) is bleak. It is the expansionist religious ideology that must be exposed before it uses more impressionable people to perform evil deeds against humanity in the name of their religion.

Lord Carlisle blamed "religiously heretical violent extremism" for jihad but added that we are "trying to do our duty to protect our own country and our citizens". That involves awareness of the dangers of cultural jihad which is gradually changing the face of Britain. If only there were 'the few' in government prepared to defend our native soil instead of making excuses and displaying their ignorance. They need to get to the route of the problem while there is still time.

And now for some good news:
 KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) — "A Sudanese woman [Meriam Ibrahim] on death row for apostasy had her sentence canceled and was released by a Khartoum court on Monday, her lawyer and state media said."

FILE - In this file image made from an undated video provided Thursday, June 5, 2014, by Al Fajer, a Sudanese nongovernmental organization, Meriam Ibrahim br...
Meriam Ibrahim with her newborn baby girl she gave birth to while shackled in jail
(AP Photo/Al Fajer)
Such faith!

"Meriam Ibrahim detained at airport in 'abuse of power' " Story here.

For the love of God! WAKE UP Cameron. No more excuses.

Postscript [26/06/14]
Ultra-conservative branch of Islam growing in popularity in Wales. See HERE.


  1. Ancient Briton, this is your most chilling and brave statement yet. The Grand Mufty of Wales will not be pleased.

  2. So 'the security services will be able to monitor only a few of the 500 or so "Britons" who return to the country after fighting in Syria.'

    Cancel their "British" Passports (which at all times remain the property of her Britannic Majesty's Government and are only issued for the use of the bearer) so they cannot return and therefore will not need to be monitored.
    They chose to leave the UK. Let them stay there.

  3. AncientBriton is sadly right in all that he says. It is too late to save the UK from the cancer - islam - that is eating away at its ancient institutions. Unless there is a very remarkable turn of events and a radical shift of attitude by voters in the May 2015 election, and people turn in droves to the one party which has not sold out to big business or to the Frankfurt School - UKIP. Dare one hope for a remarkable victory for UKIP and for the UK?

  4. I never thought in a thousand years that I'd agree with anyone named Enoch but his solution seems admirably clear. Simply refuse the "lovely boys" re-entry into the United Kingdom - problem solved!

    1. But no doubt so do-gooder, hot shot, liberal lawyer would take on the cause and fight it all the way for them to the Supreme Court and then on to the European Court of Human Rights. The irony is that such liberal lawyers would be amongst the first to be persecuted under the New Caliphate that will sweep across Europe.

    2. Father david, I'm Noah's great grandfather so why might it take you a thousand years to agree with me on anything? :-)

  5. I wonder why Enoch Powell was so vilified : he spoke in such an erudite and eloquent manner ;
    a Christian with foresight. Our current leaders , whether Christian or on the fringes thereof , are blinded by their own misplaced altruism.