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Monday, 9 June 2014

God help the Church in Wales!

'Sending out' in the new Church in Wales                                               Photo: Church in Wales

Like it or not the Church in Wales is moving with the times to be more relevant to society, or to put it another way, as directed by Barry and the bench sitters to secure their future in the new Church Uniting in Wales. Here are some recent examples.

In Brecon "Felicity, Mair, Felicity, Esther & Biddy", a "trained team of Lay Worship leaders" were commissioned by Bishop John Davies at a Pentecost party which they led. Bishop John said: "The needs of the Church are many and varied but God calls ministers to care for his people, to lead them in worship, to strengthen others for their witness within the community and to offer such leadership within the local church as provides an example of Christian discipleship and commitment."

Another minister called to care for God's people in the diocese of Swansea and Brecon is their new Dean. More brownie points for the bishop securing the services of a priest who has done his bit to be relevant to society, something to which the Archbishop of Wales attaches the utmost importance.

Meanwhile, a "pioneering a new job" has been created in the Diocese of Monmouth. The "Pioneer Ministry Development Officer...will be working to help Ministry Areas identify opportunities to engage their local communities in experiencing faith and church". The role will involve supporting those who have a heart for their communities, providing space to "discuss new ways we might engage in church, and supporting pioneering initiatives as they develop". The opportunities must be endless given the 'extracurricular qualifications' of one soon to be priested local deacon which include "Reiki Master, Feng Shui practitioner, Crystal Healer and Deacon" bringing a whole new dimension to the Ministry of Healing!

As other dioceses move forward apace carving out ministry areas of complete indifference to 99% of the population, and what will come as a complete and utter shock when the full realisation hits the remaining 1%, I hear that much to the annoyance of His Darkness, clergy in his own diocese have been dragging their feet showing a distinct lack of enthusiasm for current trends. 

On that score I have seen no report of the outcome of the meetings in the diocese of St Asaph on the Church Uniting discussions, a project which fits in neatly with the concept of area ministries but will be anathema to true Anglicans when they realise it will be a break from the Apostolic Church with interchangeable nonconformist 'bishops'.

If there are any parishes/deaneries left in the Church in Wales where this still matters they must take action as recommended in the Church in Wales Review and make their views known:

Recommendation I 
1) The Governing Body and bishops should make it clear, if 
necessary by Constitutional amendment, that motions can come 
from parishes, and deaneries (or whatever body might replace 
them), to Diocesan Conferences, and from Diocesan Conferences 
to the Governing Body, and that such motions would be 
2) Consideration should be given to renaming the Diocesan 
Conference a Synod, and in the light of the development of Area 
Ministries, a new system of elections may need to be established.


For more information read 'Teulu Asaph' HERE


  1. Projectors, screens, electronic keyboards, microphones, Helium filled balloons at a Pentecost "Party".
    For what more could His ++Darkness wish?

    1. A drum kit, bass guitar and bubble making machine?

    2. Not as I remember the Whitsun treat!

  2. Let's hope that the Bishop will receive a summons for environmental pollution and dropping litter following the release of his purple balloon.

    1. Why has only one of the trained lay leaders been permitted to have a stole slung over her shoulder.?

    2. Very droll Simple soul. However, let us be clear that we are not doubting the sincerity of the laity involved but the direction of the bishops of the Church in Wales in exploiting willing helpers who love their Church and seek to maintain her against the odds.

  3. The picture of the facially pierced priest was particularly unpleasant. The lunatics are running the asylum.

  4. Canon Paul Shackerley deserves suspension ; I would not let him anywhere near my children.

    1. Alarm bells should be ringing in Brecon9 June 2014 at 22:16
      ‘His present behaviour makes him totally unfit to serve the Minster or the people of Doncaster, and totally unfit to serve the church at all in the opinion of many Doncaster residents.’

      The next Dean of Brecon?

      The Bishop of Doncaster will be as delighted to be rid of him as the Bangor Diocese was to be rid of bully boy ++Bazza and the people of Doncaster can hardly believe their luck.
      God help the Church in Wales! indeed

    2. Unlike the 'Tree Eating' bishop of St Asaph, rumour has it up north that His Darkness continues to make the appointments for the boy bishop of Bangor.

    3. This bears the hallmark of His ++Darkness trying to deflect attention away from next weeks meeting over the future (or otherwise) of St Michael's college.

    4. The new Dean of Brecon:

      "The Rt. Revd Peter Burrows, Bishop of Doncaster, said, “I’m delighted by the news of Paul’s appointment but genuinely sorry to be losing him from Doncaster Minster. During his time at the Minster Paul has made significant developments in relation to worship, the rebuilding project and most significantly engagement with the life of the wider town. He has developed good relations with significant groups, organisations and leaders within the borough and made a valuable contribution to the town’s strategic development and future potential. He will, I know, be missed by many within the church and town and I wish him well for all the future as he returns to ministry in Wales.”

      It seems that Bishop Burrows speaks with his tongue firmly compressed in his cheek, following the loutish behaviour reported in the Daily Mail.

  5. It strikes me that if His Darkness could bump off Ancient Briton then his modernisation project would be accomplished. Ancient Briton is the ONLY person who seems to be standing up against all this rubbish. Our Fathers in God, the clergy, appear utterly limp and impotent. COME ON FATHERS, give yourselves a dose of Holy Viagra, rise up, thrust forward and overcome His Darkness and his minions!!!

  6. Beleaguered of Bangor10 June 2014 at 14:19

    How right you are, Enforcer. The Boy Bishop of Bangor (Andy Pandy to his friends) was the extremely unwelcome outcome of the now-notorious 2008 'election' in which the Archbishop conspired with the toxic Dean of Bangor (both the former and now the present) as well as the convicted sex offender (now archdeacon of Meirionydd) to allow the candidate preferred by the diocese to be completely demolished by a tapestry of lies (which the archbishop himself knew to be untrue),. As soon as this venomous tsunami had been unleashed on the 'electors' the archbishop closed the day's business and allowed the allegations to stand for 16 hours until they were countered at the resumption of business the next day. Why? Because the preferred candidate (a) would have stood up to Barry Morgan and is in many ways his intellectual superior; (b) is a catholic and although in favour of womens' ordination is a natural conciliator who would have been a friend to the traditionalists; (c) had seen through the psycho-babbling rubbish which passes for ordination training in the Diocese of Bangor and which produces all those 50s-something divorcees who are 'in to spirituality' but emerge without a theological brain cell between them. So we ended up with another Morgan puppet (just like the parishioners of Llandaff) and have been suffering ever since. We have lost 7 of our most gifted clergy to the Church of England over the past 3 years; morale is at an all-time low; the Boy Bishop is being 'managed' not only by Barry Morgan but by the bullying Dean of Bangor and her barking boyfriend the Potty Prof; all the churches in the city centre of Bangor have been closed (against the wishes of at least one PCC -watch this space!) to consolidate power at the Cathedral; and the diocese is generally imploding under the weight of apathy. The Boy Bishop has no vision (just like his lord and master) and, apart from telling everyone how much he loves his saxophone, could not organise a non-alcoholic bar at an evangelical youth club. We do sense, up here, that St Asaph will not be pushed around as much and, of course, their bishop has a proper theological PhD, unlike the best-selling cutting-edge history of Bangor's (now, effectively, defunct) anglican chaplaincy which merited Morgan allowing himself to be called 'Doctor'! Of course, Bangor is where Morgan first failed to inspire growth as a bishop and presided over a disastrous decline). If you think it's bad in Llandaff, you want to pop up here for a weekend. You will spend hours trying to find a church which offers dignified and intelligent liturgy. It is well and truly shafted - and all in the cause of massaging Morgan's controlling personality. Arglwydd trugarha!

    1. How true 'Beleaguered of Bangor'. Well done old chap. However, the Morgan corruption and rot begins here - 'Scandal and Offence' ( Google).

      Have no fear brother, you may safely quote from the Enforcer's blog as it is historically factual and within the public domain.

  7. Llandaff Pelican10 June 2014 at 15:38

    Do we glimpse a glimmer of hope from Swansea & Brecon, too? How refreshing to read about the appointment of a Dean in Brecon who got the job because he was the best candidate for the post (despite certain former indiscretions on facebook!) and not because of his gender, who has the experience and qualifications to do the job, and who seems to have some vision for the future of the place. Brecon, like all the other Welsh cathedrals, supports a full choral tradition (oh, sorry, except the metropolitical cathedral where Byzantine Barry calls the shots) and I bet we're not reading about the dismantling of the choir there in 12 months time. Dare we begin to believe that this is where the other bishops are beginning to exercise some leadership for once and lifting a digit to the golfing fanatic? Bangor is excused, of course...

    1. Llandaff Pewster10 June 2014 at 18:17

      You jest, Llandaff Pelican, surely?
      The best candidate for the job? If he's the best, were the others untrained chimps?
      The Facebook "indiscretions" reveal a complete lack of judgement and good taste not to mention the various body piercings and attendant sexual connotations.
      As for "vision", the Brecon Cathedral Choir repertoire will be expanded to include the Mass in Blue before the year is out.

  8. Is this "tongue in cheek" Llandaff Pelican?
    Talking of tongues I trust that the Reverend Shakerley has removed his tongue stud,just in case Bishop John prescribes balloons on the altar as a regular thing, which might go bang as he kisses the altar! An innovative start to the Eucharist - not yet tried out!

  9. I had not heard of Shackerley until this article, and the links provided by Alarm Bells.

    Writing as Anglican from outside of the Church in Wales, but nevertheless as a regular follower of this blog, I noticed amongst other détails Shackerley's comment reported in the Daily Mail article about the URC-led service. Perhaps somebody ought to 'flag that up' to ++Barry to use Westminster-speak. Even if the rest of the behaviour described is obviously incompatible with the the public profile of a priest (except to ++Barry's Barmy Army), surely the scorn for the URC ecumencial service sits very badly with the Church Uniting in Wales endeavour?

  10. I have awakened this morning worrying about the alleged history of the Archdeacon of Merrionydd,as mentioned by' Beleaguered of Bangor' ,and if this is so why is this person in office?
    All I can say is that they must have some very clever forensic psychologists up in North Wales : it is doubtful if such persons are 'cured'.


      There is nothing 'alleged' about it Simple Soul.

  11. "Gross indecency and soliciting for importune purposes" in a Cardiff park whilst employed as a lecturer and priest at St Mikes.

    By the way, Simple Soul, purely as a point of historical interest of course, it can today be justified, since it is no longer a punishable offence for gays. There His Darkness will rest his case me lud.

    1. Alarm bells should be ringing in Brecon11 June 2014 at 19:16

      Perhaps the "whilst employed as a lecturer and priest at St Mikes" (partly) explains why St Mikes is about to close? Cottaging in Cardiff reminds me of the Eryl era, the only difference being that at least Eryl had the sense to resign when he'd been caught for the umpteenth time and the south Wales police could no longer turn a blind eye.
      It's not the lunatics running the asylum but the perverts and deviants.
      Simple Soul is not the only one who would not let his/her children near these offensive creatures.

    2. I would be grateful if commentators would be careful to distinguish between what would have been a punishable offence in "the Eryl era" but which is now an accepted life style and, for example, illegal offences relating to children.
      Eryl was loved by many and as can be read on line "He vigorously exposed an important case of misuse of funds in the Church in Wales, incurring thereby some ill-will."

      More the pity that nobdy in the Church in Wales has the b***s to do likewise today.

    3. Alarm bells should be ringing in Brecon11 June 2014 at 22:50

      With respect Ancient Briton, as far as I know "Gross indecency and soliciting for importune purposes" were not only criminal offences 40 years ago and 16 years ago but still are.
      I am not aware that "Gross indecency" or "soliciting for importune purposes" are now relegated to merely a politically correct 'lifestyle choice'.
      Am I wrong?

    4. Thank you AbsbriB. Forgive my broad brush . My intention was not to make a legal distinction but to separate the behaviour of consenting adults from offenses against children. I hope that clarifies the point.


    +Swansea and his fellow bunglers (a bungle being the collective noun for CinW bench sitters) neglects to tell us how many pints he has donated over the years.
    As a regular donor, I'd be far more impressed if the bunglers listed their own individual contributions to this worthy cause as a form of incentive to lesser mortals.

    Is this another case of 'do as I say'?
    Perhaps +David could conduct a poll and let us know?

    1. Episkopos, there was a Welsh blood transfusion service lorry parked at the TESCO store on Western Avenue in Llandaff taking donations all day on Friday June 20th. Not a cleric in sight much less an assistant bishop, bishop or Archbishop!
      Perhaps His ++Irrelevance was too busy writing the St Michael's college press statement for his press officer?

  13. Perhaps you shouldn't believe everything you read in the Daily Mail. Canon Shackerley was viciously attacked in the press as part of a concerted effort by aggrieved individuals who could not handle the fact that he wanted to make Doncaster Minster a far more professional and pleasant place to be.Let he/shewho is without sin cast the first stone etc etc etc

    1. No more anonymous comments on this thread please. - See "Introduction" in the right hand column. Thanks.

    2. Anonymous, perhaps Alarm Bells doesn't believe "everything" in the Daily Mail as two links were provided, the second to the Daily Telegraph.
      Was it "aggrieved individuals" who posted several and stupid remarks on Shackerley's Facebook account? As far as I can tell from the reports Shackerley did not deny posting the remarks of claim to have been fraped.
      His posted comments surely demonstrate that he did not know the meaning of "professional and pleasant".

    3. I do ,in fact, believe that loving homosexual relationships happen, and in such relationships there is dignity on a par with heterosexual union and are not necessarily unhealthy, and we should guard against a homosexual witch hunt.
      There lies the alarming difference and the deep concern in many minds,which is : is there any overlap between the behaviour of a predatory homosexual and the urge to have sexual contact with children? The concern is there.
      Men who behave in this uncontrolled ,undignified and unprofessional manner should not be in posts demanding leadership and guidance to the church community ,or in fact any 'job' where one's lifestyle is of an example to others encouraging the growth and development of young people with integrity.
      As far as the priest who is descending upon us is concerned he has not behaved in a professional and dignified manner in other aspects of his life,and both groups or types of persons that I outline are not suitable for leadership in any church.

  14. As far as the comment from 'anonymous' is concerned - see above- when he/ she tritely says "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" ,this is erroneous thinking.
    If we do not as individuals speak out when persons are clearly acting in a way which is not conducive towards an acceptable image being portrayed within the field in which they are working,and in which we ourselves are intimately bound, then we end up with a dysfunctional society and a breakdown of organisations : and is this not happening within the Church in Wales, because we have tolerated deceitful behaviour from the Archbishop and his Bench for too long now ?

  15. Yet another opportunity to vent homophobic hate here with the associations made between homosexuality, gross indecency and abuse of children; what a lovely lot you are. And what long memories you have - obviously a forgiving crowd - as a result of what happened to that Archdeacon many years ago, he did resign his post and moved up North, his marriage ended and his name has ever since been variously dragged up in the newspaper whenever he has "made good" with his life. I well remember the News of the World dragging up the story when he was made a Rural Dean - you'd laugh except that for him I'd imagine the inability to move on in his life. Perhaps some understanding as to why people like Eryl and this guy might have been driven to find expression for their sexuality in dark places might not go a miss. Thankfully, with the acceptance of wider society, there is now no need for people to come to terms with who they are in such secret and ultimately, unhelpful ways. I for one am pleased that he has flourished since those days and I would hope that those who read this blog would wish him well instead of venting disapproval. These are people we are discussing in the public domain and the manner in which fellow human beings (let alone brothers and sisters in Christ) are discussed here fills me with great sadness. However, I doubt this will be published.

    1. You are mistaken 'Common Sense'. I do not publish homophobic hate. It has become a habit of queers, feminists, Islamists and latterly Scottish Nationalists (as pointed out by J K Rowling yesterday) to accuse those whom they regard as the opposition of homophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, racism, bigotry and anything else to bring discredit on their point of view. Please see my comment above about the distinction between the behaviour of consenting adults and offenses against children lest anyone falls into the trap that you find yourself in.

      Others have taken offence to this Blog because same-sex marriage is not supported but that does not make me or readers who take the same view homophobic.

      If you are referring to the comment from Beleaguered of Bangor (above) you should have noted the salient point which was how the election was conducted. Simple soul's riposte to the comment from 'Anonymous' says the rest.

    2. 'Common Sense', you stand to be corrected. The offending Archdeacons marriage did not break up as a result of this episode in Llandaf 'all those years ago', neither did he resign. He was appointed immediately to a parish on the Lleyn area of North Wales by the then bishop of Bangor 'His Darkness. His wife fought long and hard to save the marriage - he my friend did not.

      Meanwhile, within 12 months, the vicar of Benllech (Scandal and Offence Google) was accused of adultery by Barry, dragged through non legal proceedings, and, unlawfully sacked, with no recourse to law, as would be afforded him today.

      In law, adultery (penetration) between persons of the same sex cannot contribute towards divorce only between heterosexuals. The vicar of Benllech denied adultery, whilst the Archdeacon was caught in the act exposing his tackle by a police officer. Both he and his master have secured a place for themselves within the public domain for their continued arrogance and hypocrisy on this matter not to mention Christian compassion.

      As for you 'Common Sense', 'Selective Amnesia' might be a more appropriate title.

    3. Thank you Common Sense. I would like to add my name to those who wish the Archdeacon of Merioneth well. I am so pleased that he has rebuilt his life and his career. One only has to think of the dreadful opprobrium that was heaped on homosexual human beings a couple of generations ago to realise how far secular Britain has travelled in recent years. Remember - people like Alan Turing - who contributed so much to the overthrow of Nazism - was hounded to death. Long may the career of the Archdeacon of Merioneth continue to flourish!

      But I'm not finished yet my brothers and sisters in Christ! Like Common Sense I am sometimes saddened by what I read on this blog.

      I have for example, always supported the ordination of women whilst respecting the integrity of those who do not. Indeed this blog has underlined and further reinforced my belief that those in the Church in Wales who in all conscience cannot accept the ordination of women should have a bishop who would replace the likes of David Thomas. It seems like common sense to me! Why we can't agree to disagree and then work together beats me!

      That said I find some of the language employed by contributors to this blog when commenting on fellow human beings totally indefensible.

      I have to say to say that I have been prompted to write by Common Sense's balanced and sensitive contribution to this particular thread and thought it was about time that someone objected to the few occasions that a number of female clergy have been described as a coven. I acknowledge that words and insults may have been traded in both directions but this cannot and never should excuse the use of such basically disrespectful language. I looked the word coven up (just to be sure!) and the word means 'a gathering of witches'. Can any Christian whose life and spiritual direction is guided by Christ really employ such language? In a similar vein I despair at the rise of UKIP - I totally reject their world view - but it would add nothing to the debate to describe them in insulting and pejorative tones.

      I will continue to read this blog. I only sit on a pew, I don't belong to any pressure group and I'm not in a loop that passes on or disseminates information about the Church in Wales - so I am learning a lot from this blog. I am sure that I am not the only one. But can I make this plea - as I have before - albeit not as directly. Can contributors remember that there are Christians and indeed some non Christians, I am sure who are appalled by the tone of some of the comments on this blog.

      That's it! Keep up the valuable work you are doing Ancient Briton.

      Yours and His,

      A Nony Mous

      Right let's get back to the football!

    4. A Nony Mous >>Remember - people like Alan Turing<< Please see
      among others.

    5. An interesting read from (His Honour) A Nony Mous. His nil comment on the Enforcer speaks volumes. Well done Enforcer. Responder

  16. There is indeed a known link between homosexual activity and paedophilia and assault on adolescents. However, without doubt,let me say firstly that I make no accusation or assertion than all homosexuals will migrate to becoming paedophiles or pederasts.

    The Home Office, no less, has done research in this matter and the brief conclusion is that homosexuals are 22 times more likely than heterosexuals to commit assault on children and young people.

    Thus I stand by my assertion that men found to be importuning should not be in leadership roles with young people.
    Most forensic psychologists are of the opinion that offenders can ' stop' such offending activity with young people ,but the professional view is that paedopliles cannot be cured : there is a difference.
    Yes, it is sad for men who find they are of this inclination, but we all have an individual responsibility to each other and we should aim to place ourselves in society where we cannot hurt and damage others especially children.

  17. Beleaguered of Bangor13 June 2014 at 09:49

    As I had not foreseen how this thread would develop (and because my throw-away description of the Archdeacon of Meirionnydd seems to have been a catalyst) it might be worth saying that, up here in the Land of Zog (sometimes caricatured as the Diocese of Bangor) our objection to this particular archidiaconal appointment was not simply an incident in what the Jacobeans called a 'Public Place of Easement' back in the 1990s, it is because the fellow is (still) perceived as untrustworthy and unreliable. That his appointment as an archdeacon was personally sanctioned by Barry Morgan is not in doubt up here. It was a reward for his part in the plot to 'throw' the 2008 episcopal election. Just as the Dean got her job for services rendered at the same electoral college after her frenzied and grossly dishonest torrent of slander and odious insinuation. Barry knew every word was untrue, but we should know by now that he is not someone who allows the truth to get in the way of his political ambitions. As I said before, the Boy Bishop, the Dean and all the rest of them are living in one big fantasy world of implementing Barry Morgan's orders, while the rest of us are wondering when the last person is going to turn the lights out.

  18. Meanwhile, the comedy continues with the announcement of "Music Sunday".
    The Royal School of Church Music has designated June 22 as Music Sunday and is encouraging churches to hold special concerts, services and collections to celebrate the importance of music in worship.

    One wonders how this will be celebrated in Llandaff?

    But the biggest laugh is saved for last.
    "Meanwhile, later in the month, church choirs from across south-east Wales will join together at Llandaff Cathedral for an RSCM Festival Choral Eucharist on July 19. They will be conducted by RSCM co-ordinator David Ogden and the Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, will be the celebrant. Choirs can register from 1.30pm".

    One wonders how His ++Darkness has the neck to show up at such an event following the dismissal of his own Cathedral choir.
    Perhaps the theme for his sermon will be how "to celebrate the importance of music in worship".

  19. Returning to the main thread of this post, does anyone know of any clergy left in Wales for whom it matters that the Church in Wales seems to be drifting into the Church Uniting where nonconformist ministers will be interchangeable with bishops ordained into the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church?

    Also, can anyone let us know the outcome of the meetings held on Wednesday 21 May in Connah’s Quay and Wrexham please?

  20. As a member of the laity,I do , of course,, THINK that I do know priests who believe in the Apostolic succession and its foundation and in its continuation for the sake of church. I suppose that the apparent dormant state of some traditional priests arises by reason of trust and faith in the forthcoming code of practice and that it will prove to be the long awaited panacea.
    The 'code' will amount to guidelines ,but sadly there is no indication that it will be written into Canon Law.
    I fear it will be a question of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted ,and ++Barry and the bench will have escaped!

  21. Reiki Master? Crystal Healer? Funnily enough I was taught, and have experienced, the healing of Christ without the need for crystals to act as intermediary! How can this person be a Deacon, soon to be Priest in God's Church?

  22. HELP!! I shall be moving to Bethesda within the next month or so. Is there an Anglican church where I can hear the gospel preached and the true faith taught? Or shall I have to cross the Tiber?

    1. Beleaguered of Bangor17 June 2014 at 12:10

      Sorry to hear you're moving to Bethesday, Sister Julian. There was a good catholic curate there a couple of years ago (elbowed-out, of course by the politburo). You could have gone to Conwy with confidence, but the sainty Peter Jones (another of the persecuted minority) is retiring shortly. Llandudno is your only hope (when the Rector is at the altar). Otherwise, you're going to have to drive across the border in to St Asaph to find anything which remotely resembles catholic worship. Bangor is a desert, I'm afraid and is typified by the barren vacuity of the so-called 'cathedral'.

    2. Thank you Beleaguered of Bangor. It looks like it's Rome for me then. Seems as if the Church in Wales needs a great deal of prayer!! I don't think St Asaph is an option as neither my bank balance nor my two little dogs would like that. I will ask my fellow members of the Order of St Cuthbert to hold the Welsh church in prayer.


    'Anonymous' comments are sometimes received without an identifying signature. I often publish one per thread but no more because of the difficulty in identifying one commentator from another thus confusing readers.

    If you are not an account holder all that is necessary is to add a pen name to you contribution thus: AncientBriton. Thank you.

  24. Has anyone heard the outcome of the bishop's meeting to confirm the closure and sale of St. Michael's College in Llandaff? I'm wondering if His ++Darkness has imposed a blanket ban on discussion of the matter as the media are strangely quiet.

    1. Llandaff Pelican19 June 2014 at 14:04

      No news so far. Interestingly, I am told by someone in the trade that journalists making calls to 39 Cathedral Road are being fielded to 'someone else' (i.e. not Machiavellian Morrell).

      In a rather pleasing separate development, my telephone tinkled this morning. At the other end was an old chum who had been at a dinner in London a couple of evening's ago. He found himself sat next to a very chatty lady who not only happens to be an editor at a major publishing house, but is also married to a rather voluminous C of E bishop. She let slip that a book is in the offing taking a pop at ecclesiastical hypocrisy and incompetence. It's a bit like Quentin Letts' "Fifty People Who Buggered Up Britain" written by a well-informed insider. I'll give you one guess who is the subject of Chapter 6! As the editor opined to my chum, after the Janet Henderson episode, the choir sacking, and the imposition of the Capon, no one can take Byzantine Barry seriously any more. While I leave you to think about that, it is very heartening to discover that his shenanigans are about to be available for wider public consumption. I wonder how his retirement plans are going?

    2. Cheering for Janet19 June 2014 at 19:09

      There has been a noticeable and significant difference in the "press" output of the RB website of late. Perhaps Mrs Morrell has learned to verify her facts before regurgitating ++Bazza's bullshit (perhaps in good faith).Perhaps she has finally realised that she works for an Arch deceiver.
      There have been more press announcements of late from an Alison Young than an Anna Morrell.
      The ears in the walls report that His ++Darkness is greatly concerned that his former Dean has been keeping her eye on this blog and gaining useful information for her lawsuit against him.
      Long may it continue.
      On one hand, one hopes his retirement plans are going swimmingly.
      As Dr Spooner might have put it, the sooner the "shining wit" goes, the better.
      On the other hand, one also hopes that he is in post long enough for Janet to take him to the cleaners.

    3. I'm all for Janet taking His Darkness to the cleaners, but in the event that she wins it will not be him paying out . As always it will be the pew sitters who will be paying for his mistakes. Unless, of course a way can be found to target his discretionary fund?

    4. Cheering for Janet20 June 2014 at 09:27

      1549, his 'discretionary' fund is sourced from pew-sitter collections Bazza confiscates at confirmation and ordination services, so is pew-sitter money in any case.
      I hear that Janet started the action against His ++Darkness personally, not the Cathedral (her place of work not her employer), the Diocese or the RB (her employer, but she wasn't employed long enough to accrue the relevant rights under employment legislation) and that's why he's so worried. If she wins he'll be personally liable and unable to cover his losses with pew-sitters money or a claim on the Ecclesiastical Insurance company.

    5. Perhaps this is the news you have been waiting for 1662:
      "..the creation of a new Training Institute, presenting a dynamic and exciting way forward for the Church to meet the challenge of Ministry Areas whilst allowing a coherent and flexible approach"!

    6. It might well be Ancient Briton, but it's hard to tell as this press announcement hardly wins a crystal mark for plain language by the Faith Managers!

      "The new body would develop new learning pathways as well as draw on existing training resources, including St Michael’s College, Cardiff, and the St Seiriol’s Centre, Bangor, to enable a suite of training resources and learning environments to be provided. This proposal has been accepted by the Bench, and the Bishops will now work with staff to develop the model further. The Institute will have a base at the St Michael’s College site and it is intended that formational centres will also be established in other parts of Wales. Non-residential training will continue to be delivered locally. An important aspect of the development work will be the exploration of accreditation and validation options for the new training courses, in particular with current partner universities."

      Could someone put this into simple English please?

    7. That's fanatsic news for St. Michael's. The place has really come on since John Holdsworth began a radical overhaul of the place in the late 90's. It was his vision that we are now realising - an all Wales provision at the cutting edge of theological research into chaplaincy, providing an all Wales provision for the training of clergy who are relevant to the need sof the church of today. The RB has also spent a considerable amount of money on re-vamping the place. It's a great place to take your parishes to for a day retreat or parish away day. The food is also fabulous. A real jewel in the Church in Wales crown. I am thrilled that the outcome is so positive for the place as I am sure everyone is who reads and contributes to this blog.

    8. 1662, you previously posed the question, "I wonder what this year's accounts will reveal" in a comment on May 5, 2014 at 3:39 PM under

      I see from the 2013 Accounts on the CinW website:
      Bishop's Missionary Fund £16,231 and Bishop's Discretionary Fund £19,095 (again!) added to the previous total of £208,185 giving a new figure of £243,511.
      For the benefit of readers these are the figures you provided at the time:
      Mission Fund Discretionary Fund Total
      2005 £ 6,488 £ 11,985 £ 18,473
      2006 £ 3,911 £ 12,202 £ 16,113
      2007 £ 3,791 £ 17,556 £ 21,347
      2008 £ 6,077 £ 18,083 £ 24,160
      2009 £12,976 £ 18,627 £ 31,603
      2010 £12,922 £ 18,720 £ 31,642
      2011 £11,461 £ 19,095 £ 30,556
      2012 £15,196 £ 19,095 £ 34,291

    9. Ancient Briton, the figures listed were obtained from the accounts available on the Charity Commissioner's website.

      So a total of £35,326 "discretionary" unaccountable spending by His ++Darkness last year.
      An increase of £11,166 (46%) on the 2008 figures, the beginning of the recession and of £1,035 (3.1%) on the previous year.
      No sign of any austerity measures when it comes to spending other peoples money.

    10. More on St Michael's College Llandaff from the BBC here

    11. From the Archives of the Llandaffchester Chronicles21 June 2014 at 08:52

      The recent announcement about St Michael’s College (including the garbled management-speak that appeared on the CinW website) was predicted back in 2010 by the Llandaffchester Chronicles. The Chronicles’ Archivist has dug up this previous post – it certainly was very prophetic!
      Llandaffchester Chronicles June 2010: It has been confirmed that St Michelle’s College, Llandaff, is to close. A member of staff at the college said, ‘It’s all a bit embarrassing really. We’re meant to be training the priests for tomorrow, but when we had our Strategic Vectorised Planning Initiative (SVPI) inspection we got the lowest score of any church institution in Wales.’ (Ed.: - yes even lower than the Cathedral!) He went on to say, ‘The inspectors thought we were “An unimpressive institution with no reputation for scholarship”. They were particularly critical of our specialist “Sing-along-like-a-right-Charlie-with-a-guitar-and-a-PowerPoint-presentation” sessions, which are designed to wreck any meaningful worship in an established faith-based structure.’ (i.e. how a bunch of beardie-wierdie misfits can destroy a vibrant church with their ‘relevant, liberal, modern worship style’, Ed.)
      A source on the Archdeacons’ Review and Self-Evaluation (ARSE) Committee, which has oversight for St Michelle’s College, said, ‘This rubbish SVPI report is great news for His Darkness. It means he can push on with his plan for eradicating all Christian influence in Wales by establishing his Strategic Inter-Faith Forum for Integrated Evangelism (StIFFIE). Communicating through his ARSE Committee, His Darkness believes that there hasn’t been enough StIFFIE at St Michelle’s. This will all change under the new Inter-Denominational Ordinand Training Scheme (IDIOTS). We’re planning to give the IDIOTS some real StIFFIE at the new college.’

    12. Llandaff Pelican21 June 2014 at 14:04

      Not only have we had to rely on the BBC to unscramble the double-speak in the C in W media statement, but we have the BBC to thank for highlighting the Bangor-Glwyndwr University link. We're not being told, but what is inevitable is that Cardiff University is no longer likely to be the academic institution awarding degrees to ordinands training at the 'Llandaff Hub.' As if our clergy are not already theologically illiterate enough, we take them away from an institution with one of the best reputations for research in religion, theology and philosophy and hook them up to what... Glyndwr University? To you and me, that's Wrexham Technical College as it once was. It's also the only institution that would take on the Bangor training scheme validation after Bangor University washed its hand of it. Glyndwr University has no theology faculty or specialist theology staff (only those provided by the St Seirol's Centre in Bangor), Glyndwr University offers degrees in Equine Psychology, Complimentary Therapies for Healthcare (BSc Hons), and Animation, Visual Effect & Game Art (BA Hons). Now you can add to it Psychological Manipulation and Institutional Bullying with a bit of Feminist Perspectives on Bible Study thrown in (what is often satirised as ordination training).

      Most interestingly of all, we are not being told where our brightest graduates (whether in theology or other subjects) are going to be allowed to train. If there's no hope of them going to English colleges in Cambridge or Oxford for example) there will be even more defections over the Dyke than are being reported from Bangor.

      If the C of E can get its house in order and ensure its training is validated by a reputable university (Durham), why is Wales content to throw its future clergy to the bottom of the scrap heap and shovel s**t all over them?

      Thank you, Barry. Yet another brilliant investment to ensure the long-term future of our Church!

    13. ...Glyndwr University?
      Seems much like the Church in Wales:

    14. Llandaff Pewster22 June 2014 at 10:01

      It seems to me that the latest St Michael's college press release on the RB website indicates a substantial U-turn by Darth ++Superbia and his bench bunglers. The ears in the walls reported that Bazza was incandescent with rage over the leaks and premature media coverage of the report recommending the closure and sale of the place (see and following some £3million being squandered on it.So it seems the closure and sale of St Michael's has been too hot a potato to handle before his retirement.
      No mention is made of future funding and in the absence of any information to the contrary, one assumes the RB will have to continue to pour in £150k every year to balance the books.
      To continue ++Bazza's liberal all-inclusive agenda the ordinand syllabus will need to include aromatherapy, crystal healing, feng-shui, wicca studies, water divining, scientology and cycling (for the occasional sponsored fund raising good news story for the 'Institute' website).

      Yet more bad news.

    15. For more about that esteemed institution Glyndwr University see

  25. @Llandaff Pelican – how can we pewsitters submit contributions for inclusion in this book? I’m sure many of us have plenty of material for consideration by the author.

    1. Llandaff Pelican24 June 2014 at 14:09

      Having just spoken to my chum once more, it seems the editor at the publishing house is well aware of this esteemed blog. I imagine we are already actively contributing to it!

  26. Beleaguered of Bangor20 June 2014 at 11:36

    I have just heard the depressing whisper of yet another clerical defection from Bangor to the C of E. Meanwhile, the boy bishop Andy Pandy plays his saxophone while the diocese sinks further into the mire under his compliance to Barry and the bullying Dean. As we have been subject to a Trojan Horse plot here since 2008, how long before we are placed in 'special measures'?

  27. As I strolled past the Cathedral yesterday morning I heard the sound of sacred music in 4 or 5 part harmony and began to think that ++Bazza's golf caddy had grown a pair and overruled his dark master by re-instating the Cathedral choir.
    Unfortunately upon checking, it quickly became apparent that it was a guest choir (from Cardiff University I believe).
    Silly me, I should have known better!
    One wonders what response the golf caddy has had to his begging letter in the June edition of The Bell?

  28. I thought Moorhouse and the boys had time off at the end of May.
    23rd May, no evensong
    24th May, no evensong
    25th May, guest choir
    27th May, no evensong
    30th May, no evensong
    Was there another half-term holiday this month?
    10th June, no evensong
    20th June, no evensong
    21st June, guest choir
    22nd June, guest choir
    24th June, no evensong
    27th June, no evensong
    There was no Llandaff Festival this year so that can't be the excuse.