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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Wars of the world

Battle of Vienna on 12 September 1683

From the Guardian: The terrifying rise of Isis: $2bn in loot, online killings and an army on the run
They're too extreme for al-Qaida, they boast of their brutality and they have forced the Iraqi government on to the defensive. How did the insurgent group rise to such terrifying power?

Talking with Iran Vienna 2014

At last governments seem to have woken up to the threat posed by Islamists, even to Islamist governments by other Islamists who want their own brand of Islam imposed on the world. So grave is the threat that talks with Iran, ironically in Vienna, may be used to work out a strategy to counter the threat. It is as though planet Earth were under attack by Martians in the War of the Worlds.

While the threat by ISIS dominates the headlines other Islamist atrocities continue around the world. "At least 48 people have died after al-Qaeda-linked militants attacked hotels and a police station in a Kenyan coastal town" (here) "Gunmen killed at least 22 people at a village market in remote northeast Nigeria, a security official said on Monday, in what was likely the latest attack by the militant Islamist group Boko Haram" (here). Looking at 'Wars in the World' (here) the results are chilling. Not all conflict is Islamist based but 'religious' fanaticism is a real problem.

A list of some of the major Islamic terrorist attacks from 1990 to Sept 2013 can be found here. The response of the British government has been to dismiss the Islamist threat as the work of fanatics who do not represent the majority of Muslims. Perhaps not but they all have in common a religious ideology in which ALL should be subject to Sharia laws which permit death by stoning, amputations and public floggings. Whether achieved by armed jihad or cultural jihad the result is the same.

Will the nettle be grasped at last ?


  1. Sharia Law - already in a city near you and busily planning its next move. Halal food is almost obligatory everywhere, schools are being commandeered by islamist governors, and although polygamy is strictly forbidden by law, you can have four islamic wives and the state will provide benefits for them and for all their many children who are now filling schools to bursting point. Remember Constantinople in 1453? This time the danger is within the gates, not outside them. If a halt is not called soon to continuous immigration from muslim territories, the UK faces balkanisation within 20 years into mini-states, some run according to the principles of Sharia, some remaining under English law. The conflict won't be over until the black flags fly over Downing Street and the newly-built minarets on Westminster Abbey.

  2. Your views Anglicanus, will be considered racist, even though your predictions historically justified.

  3. Islam is not a race (nor is it a religion) but an ideology - an imperialist ideology with megalomaniac ambitions, which intends to subject the whole world to its barbaric principles, unaltered since the 7th century.

  4. Talking of Halal food, it's well nigh impossible to find out whether the meat in your local supermarket is halal or not. It's certainly the case that ALL New Zealand lamb is halal and in cost terms you can see why. It'smuch cheaper to have only one slaghter house rather than 2. But as for any other meat apart from pig products I shall have to ask in my local supermarket if they know whether the meat is halal or not. Incidentally, in Prestwich, near Manchester, there is a separate aisle just for kosher food. Why can't they do that for halal? And if I still had children of school age I should strongly object to their having this meat. Somebody has to take a stand. I just hope that I am brave enough.

  5. Anglicanus, liberalism, whether ideology, or theology, as we know it, is basically fundamentalism in action. We have a prime example, on our own doorstep in the person of the Archbishop of Wales Barry Morgan. Only he cannot, (as in his school days) come out of the closet to fight his own battles without the aid of sycophantic disciples such as (His Honour) Non Mous .

    Many there are who can be conned by ecclesiastical salesmanship. After all, another liar, Tony Blair, showed how easily it could be done.

  6. It is so simple to me when you ask why the British Government dismisses the Islamic threat : it is a four or five letter word- votes! The government will sell us all down the river for their own personal ambitions and the same goes for ++ Barry ,who yearns for a New Year Honour in recognition of creating a new church ,(forgetting about the one he will have destroyed).
    Why ,if one feels motivated to comment upon Islamic ideology ,is one labelled 'racist'?
    On 'The Big Questions 'hosted by Nicky Campbell last Sunday morning(BBC TV), a decent Christian asked an angry Muslim "is it right to stone a woman to death- yes or no?"
    The answer from the Muslim man was "there is no yes or no answer" .
    I thus concluded that there is room in this person's mind for a 'yes' answer .
    I further conclude that Islam is an objectionable ideology and there is no scope for me to accept that this way of life reflects in any way the One God that I seek to know.
    Islam is repugnant,undesirable and unwelcome in its invasion of our society. And this is nothing to do with race.

    1. Islamic teaching allows its adherents to dissimulate or to tell lies in order to advance the cause of islam. It tries to present itself as "the religion of peace" and so, when its spokesmen are challenged about things such as stoning, typically they will not give a straight answer, as you saw. Or, if they think that they can convince a particular audience, they will deny it altogether, claiming that islam has been misunderstood, or that the questioner is "islamophobic".

      Some examples of deceit and lying can be found here:

    2. Church and State have already been taken by it -

  7. Thank you Anglicanus.

  8. Let's not forget that this cuts both ways. We are in danger of playing the game of selective amnesia. In a mirror-image of Lee Rigby's horrific murder, an Arab Muslim student was murdered in Colchester last Tuesday simply because he was an Arab and a Muslim. As Rabbi Sacks reminded us on his 'Though for the Day' this morning... "Richard Weaver once wrote that the trouble with humanity is that it forgets to read the minutes of the last meeting. We have been here before. When conflicts within a faith cost lives within that faith, religion must cease to be the pursuit of power and become again what it was meant to be: God’s call to compassion for the powerless". As contributors to this blog I feel we must remember that just as keenly as the Sunnis and Shiahs in Iraq and Syria.

  9. James: the police are at present "keeping an open mind " with regard to the motive for the stabbing in Colchester of the Muslim woman, in fact, they are currently looking for links to the stabbing of a white man in the same area a few weeks previously;this man was a vulnerable person and there is no mention by anyone that he was a Muslim. Thus you have no grounds for saying that the woman was killed simply because she was a Muslim.
    The police have an 'open mind' with regard to the profile of the offender(s).
    Secondly,and apart from there being no concrete evidence for your assertion, the glaring difference is that Muslims ,under their sharia law and thus in the name of their 'religion', stone women to death ,carry out amputations and all in the name of Allah!
    There is no evidence whatsoever that the Muslim woman was killed in the name of Christianity ,and furthermore Christianity does not advocate murdering fellow human beings for any reason ,and you know that.

    1. I see. It sounds like all reasonable, rounded and rational dialogue is closed, then. I won't fuel more of what Richard Weaver called 'conflicts within a faith'.

    2. What a silly and sanctimonious reply. You make a silly statement, describing a murder in Colchester as a "mirror-image" of Lee Rigby's murder (your words, not those of any news report I can find, since the police are cautioning against jumping to any conclusions) and you fail even to report correctly that the victim was actually a woman wearing traditional Saudi dress. How much thought did you give to this?

      Already there are people claiming to be muslims calling for revenge attacks in Colchester. I hope you are pleased to have helped to fan the flames.

    3. Goodness James - think of the damage your post may have caused. As we all know, the threatening people of Colchester closely follow this blog.

    4. Fortunately this blog is likely to be the only platform James has for his juvenile analysis of the situation.

    5. Thankfully it is also the only platform you have for your juvenile analysis of the church.

    6. You seem remarkably confident about that - if only you knew...