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Thursday, 6 March 2014

The crunch

Original picture Tony Wills

For some days now, looking out of our kitchen window around breakfast time I have been watching the antics of a couple of male blackbirds. A female is busying herself around the garden but soon she will make her choice of mate. One of the males will have to leave. There is no way they will be building a nest together.

Liberal Anglicanism sees things differently. The ramifications of the House of Bishops Pastoral Guidance on Same Sex Marriage (here) rumble on. A summary of the various reactions can be found on Anglican Mainstream (here). According to the Telegraph (here) the authority of the House of Bishop is going to be tested by a vicar of two large parishes in north-west London who said that he would not be “frightened” into cancelling his wedding to his long-term partner by any prohibition. They have been together for fourteen years and not only will they "press ahead" with their plans but they expected "at least two bishops" to be among their guests.

Across the pond the 'marriage' of 2 lesbian Episcopal priests made the headlines in 2011 adding "a  new twist to gay issues" (story here). The Episcopal Church in the United States has now moved so far from traditional Anglicanism that it should be a warning to anyone in Great Britain who values any claim of continuity with the Apostolic Church. Read Anglican Curmudgeon's account (here) of the fate of faithful Anglicans in TEC. The author A. S. Haley concludes with the words: "Anglo-Catholics sought to travel the via media of Anglicanism on a path toward the ultimate reconciliation of Orthodoxy and Catholicism. The modern crop of identity-liberals have no common goal other than to celebrate their own individuality, and to make others respect (and even honor) it."

The purpose of nest building is for the continuance of the species. God made male and female. If males or females want to live together in civil partnerships that is fine by me but the notion of same sex marriage goes beyond the protection of assets. Marriage is the joining together of a man and a woman. To demand that same sex couples should be allowed to marry on grounds of equality is an abuse of the word. It has more to do with expecting others to give their stamp of approval to a misguided concept of equality or as the Curmudgeon puts it, to celebrate their individuality and to make others respect (and even honor) it.

Liberals constantly push boundaries by exploiting tolerance and understanding until all are expected to bow to every fad or endure the consequences as members of the Episcopal Church have discovered (here). The following video illustrates the manipulation of public opinion which has aided the acceptance of women first as deacons, then priests and soon to be bishops while the LGBT lobby has moved from pleas of acceptance to threatening demands:

Reports are coming in of diocesan synods giving "the green light" to women bishops (here and here). No surprises there given that synods have become councils of the like minded and few in the Church of England and nobody in the Church of Wales gets anywhere unless they accept the liberal agenda.

Women expecting to be bishops because they think they should be bishops and men wanting women to  be bishops because they are women is based on an erroneous notion of equality of opportunity. But soon that will be yesterday's news.

Claiming 'equality' to justify gay marriage is altogether a different ball game. Men and women are not the same, deliberately so in terms of continuance of the species. Same-sex marriage cannot be justified. That is the crunch.

Postscript [07/03/2014]

From The Christian Institute Gay marriage: Law changes backed in Commons vote. Centuries-old laws changed by MPs ahead of this month’s gay marriages. 

“These changes cover legislation going back nearly 800 years, affecting legislation covering inheritance, taxation, social security and children.” The amendments mean the terms “husband” and “wife” will be replaced in many pieces of legislation. If Dukes, Earls and other male Peers marry other men, their ‘husbands’ could not be made Duchesses, Countesses or Ladies. A gay King’s ‘husband’ is prevented from becoming Queen.


  1. Joseph Golightly7 March 2014 at 08:36

    I think there are various terms that are going to be excluded or changed to fit in with the legislation. No more husbands and wives for example. So a rewrite of the Bible and all those novels will surely have to follow. What a mess - and it wasn't even in the Tories manifesto. I wonder what Cameroon would introduce next time, assuming he wins the election in just over a year's time?

  2. Recently Pope Francis was tackled by journalists on a flight from Brazil and he said when asked. "A gay person who is seeking God, who is of good will - well, who am I to judge him?" He made this response when asked about an alleged 'gay lobby' in the Vatican.

    Pope Benedict XV1 's response in 2006 ( also on a flight!), on answering a question about gay marriage, was similar : "It's true that there are problems and things that Christian life says no to," he told reporters. "We want to make people understand that according to human nature it is a man and a woman who are made for each other and made to give humanity a future."
    He went on to say :
    "However instead of focusing on condemning attempts to legally recognize homosexual unions, let's shine a light on the positive things, so we can make people understand why the church cannot accept certain things, but at the same time wants to respect people and to help them."

    Both Popes sought to reaffirm the teaching of the Catholic Church that homosexual acts are wrong but homosexual orientation per se is not sinful.The Catholic Church makes a distinction between 'homosexual acts' and 'homosexual tendencies'.
    However,I understand that searching assessment is now made into the sexual orientation of men seeking ordination to the priesthood and it is now the firm practice of the Catholic Church to not accept for ordination men who hold a homosexual inclination.
    The view of the Vatican is ,while excluding such men for ordination,"such persons must be accepted with respect and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. They are called to fulfil God's will in their lives and to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord's cross the difficulties they may encounter."
    Men ( and I suppose I must admit also women) enter Holy Orders to administer the Sacraments and to follow and teach Christ's way and part of teaching is by example , and as Pope Benedict said priests are there to promote an encounter between man and God : sometimes this involves self -sacrifice.
    If we claim to be part of the One Holy Catholic Church then marked effort should be made to align ourselves in the Anglican Church with a consensus of moral teaching.
    Homosexual activity is another issue which is distancing the Anglican Church from the See of Rome.

  3. Colin Hart who is the campaign Director for the Coalition for Marriage has posted : ' C4M is planning to raise the redefinition of marriage as a major issue during the upcoming European Elections'.

    Have you noticed the tendency for some persons nowadays to introduce their spouse as " my partner" ?

  4. I hear from BBC 'Sunday' this morning that Unite Union are prepared to represent the gay priests who wish to 'marry' ! So watch out Archbishop Welby and Barry ; the new process will be to interview their priests along side a union representative.