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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

No No No Noah

From The Independent: Darren Aronofsky's forthcoming Biblical epic Noah has been banned in several Middle Eastern countries for depicting religious figures. Censorship boards in Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have confirmed to Paramount Pictures that they will not release the film, which stars Russell Crowe and begins its global release later this month. Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt are expected to follow suit, stating that the movie offends Islamic teaching and the “feelings of the faithful” with its dark representation of a holy figure. Al-Azhar, Egypt’s leading Sunni Muslim institute, criticised Noah in a statement on Thursday, arguing that the £75 million movie should be banned in the country. Full story here.

For those prepared think for themselves rather than be told what to believe, there is a very informative article here by a celebrated Egyptian liberal political thinker, Tarek Heggy: "Conversations with Islamists: An Egyptian scholar reports his conclusions from decades of talking with leaders of political Islam". This is how he begins his disturbing conclusion: 

My discussions with dozens (or even hundreds) of Islamists over four decades has ranged over many other areas. I have frequently spoken with them on the destructive role which Muslim immigrants play in Western societies, in particular in France, Britain, Germany and Italy. My point of view always has been, and still is, that a large number of these were, and still are, working to shatter the value system of the societies to which they have emigrated, despite having themselves left backwardness, poverty and primitiveness behind and entered into an environment of progress, comfort and civilisation. Even so there are some who do not stop at attempting to shatter the foundational values of these societies; Islamists have always stated that any integration of Muslims into the societies they have emigrated to is something that is forbidden! Many of them affirm that emigrants should work towards turning these societies Islamic! All who value freedom of thought should read it all here.

1 comment:

  1. I have just been listening to Libby Purves on the midweek programme ,and she commented to her interviewee : "you are looking at something irrelevant and all of a sudden it seems relevant" .

    Going back to a previous blog about 'Near Neighbours' and the government grant to promote inter- faith dialogue, Archbishop Welby and the Government are missing the relevance of the problem which has been seen to arise.
    When are we in the UK going to wake up to the relevance of the activists in Islamic society ?
    There are two faces to Islam and they are content for the Church and Government to perceive Islam as open to intergration, whilst the activists, I regret to say, are working to undermine western civilisation , by using and no doubt approving the demure approach of the unassertive section of Islam .