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Wednesday, 26 March 2014


"Honor Diaries is the first film to break the silence on ‘honor violence’ against women and girls. 
Honor Diaries is more than a movie, it is a movement to save women and girls from human rights abuses – around the world and here in America". Read about it HERE.

While women around the world suffer the most appalling abuse, a phony war has been conducted in Anglicanism to discredit Christianity as being misogynistic and out of touch with modern society. So successful has this campaign been that Christian values are now constantly ridiculed and undermined, the price of facilitating the advancement of women in the Church on the basis of secular criteria of discrimination. In doing so a religious vacuum is being filled by a religious ideology which encourages the very thing that is complained about - regarding women as inferior beings as the film clip so distressingly illustrates.

That Parliament and now The Law Society have become party to this deception must be a cause for despair for women around the world who suffer genuine discrimination, hardship and real misery.


  1. Ah, the dear Religion of Peace, so much beloved by the al-Beebeeceera and the Grauniad!

  2. It would be a useful involvement of the 'Near Neighbours' initiative - previously discussed on this blog- if some awareness of this horrendous culture in the Islamic world is made within the 'near neighbours' groups .After all although stoning of women may not occur in this country,there is a wide spectrum of abuse practised surreptitiously in the UK . I understand it might be painful for both sides in the groups to be obliged to admit and think about the issue ,but unless we start to correct our behaviour in society in our own environment, then we have little hope of exerting influence in the wider world.