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Thursday, 19 December 2013

The other cheek

Al Mahdi Centre, Wessex
 A few days ago a story from the Ahlulbayt News Agency crossed my desk. It referred to an event back in September when the Bishop of Portsmouth along with numerous other clerics visited the Al Mahdi Center in Wessex where verses from "the Noble Qur’an" were recited before Bishop Christopher blessed the community and the centre. Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo said: “This was a unique opportunity for Wessex Jamaat to build on our past achievements of having such cordial relations with the Portsmouth Cathedral and the Diocese of Portsmouth.  We have an obligation as members of the ummah to share the gift of Islam and the teachings of the Ahlulbayt A.S and this is done through the injunction in the Quran by way of wisdom, fair exhortation and reason."

Sadad, Syria

The news from Syria has not been so cordial and the 'gift of Islam' less welcome with the headline, "Devastating Images & Report from the Christian Town of Sadad in Syria":
These events which happened in Sadad are considered "the greatest massacre of Christians in Syria, and is second in the whole Middle East region after the bombing of Our Lady of the Salvation Church in Iraq, in the same month, and almost the same day in 2010". -Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh, Syrian Orthodox Metropolitan of Homs and Hama, story here.

In Syria, Egypt and indeed around the world, approximately 100 million Christians are being persecuted for being Christians. While Christians are expected to turn the other cheek Muslims simply turn the page to show that under "the Noble Qur’an", Islam is a religion of peace while omitting to mention that 'peaceful' verses are abrogated by more sinister verses, examples here. Turning the other  cheek does not mean that we should submit or die. It means that we should set our faces against tyranny rather than encourage its growth by allowing it to spread as some sort of benign ideology when all the evidence is to the contrary.

For too long the West has been in denial. The Prince of Wales has added his voice to those calling for an end to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East after a group of Syrians living in London begged him  to intervene in the conflict in their homeland.

Today the guilty verdict was delivered following the Lee Rigby murder trial in which the perpetrators claimed to be "soldiers of Allah" and the killing "an act of war". For their barbarism they expected to be martyrs claiming their rewards in paradise. That is their 'religion'! Many Muslims will distance themselves from this obscene act of faith but that is what Islam is capable of inspiring however much apologists protest. Not all do the smiting but the effect is the same. The West cannot afford to ignore the problem any longer.


  1. Just imagine - 3 millions Germans, members of the NSDAP (Nazi) Party have come to live in Britain, have opened their own schools, their own Centres, wear provocative uniforms wherever they go, and a few of them have begun committing atrocities against civilians as the opening salvo in their campaign to claim the UK for the Greater Germania. How swiftly would the government move to expel their leaders, trained in Berlin, and to eradicate the ideology of the movement, if not actually to insist on the return of all Nazi members to their place of origin?

    The Nazis have a theosophist religion at the heart of their political ideology, but it is only a veneer for the violence and imperialism of their founder. There are remarkable similarities with the Grand Mufti in Jerusalem, with whom he has concluded a treaty to wipe out the Jews entirely from the Middle East. He too claims to represent a religion, but the facts are that it too is an ideology based on invasion, oppression and subjugation of other nations, and the imposition of an alien legal system which exalts one class of people over all others, who must meekly submit or face the sword.

    Neville Chamberlain (or should that be nice Mr Cameron) seeks to accommodate them both because he sees the opportunity for trade with the two evil empires - there is money to be made, and that is HIS religion. Little Mr Milliband is equally anxious to placate and please them both, for he sees the potential for millions of new Labour voters, who will be eager to support his Party, well-known for its generous disbursement of multiple benefits to new arrivals on these shores...

    Need I go on?

  2. Islamophobic, racist, gender-phobic, homophibic - this site at least contains all religiously drive hatred in one place. We should rejoice at that. Keep it contained.

  3. Well, queeryou, it seems you think you will be persona grata in the tyranny which is coming to these shores, but on all the evidence so far from Nazi Germany and Wahhabi Saudi, I somewhat doubt it. Why do you and your fellow travellers go out of your way to promote the rise of islamism?

  4. The joys of being out and proud in Saudi Arabia:

  5. Latest Landaft news - no surprises.
    The sham consultation process is over just in time for Christmas redundancies as previously predicted on this blog.
    No accountability for bully boy ++Bazza or his coven.
    It would serve them right if the choir refused to sing next weeks Christmas services.

  6. Ancient Briton is not writing to display Islamophobia but he writes to try and address the problem,and there certainly is a problem,within the extremes of Islam. Christ did not take everything 'lying. down' : he became angry on several occasions, did He not? And we have The Commandments : you shall not take the name of The Lord your God in vain. If we do not defend fellow Christians who are bring persecuted,if we do not draw attention to actions which are not Christ like,then we are taking the name of the Lord in vain. Planting trees together may be fine ,but the extremists in Islam are little short of bullies,and we need to stand up to bullies.

    1. If anyone is willing to "stand up to bullies" they should start with Darth ++Superbia in Landaft.