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Friday, 6 December 2013

Nelson Mandela RIP

Rest eternal grant to him, O Lord;
And let light perpetual shine upon him.
May he rest in peace. Amen.


  1. Hi there.
    As we all know but some people want to forget.Mandela was a mass murderer that killed Christian nuns and raped them.
    He was also in command of bombing and murder campaigns.
    I think the only light that shines on him now is the light from Hell fire.
    If we are honest we know he now resides with the Devil.

    Keep warm Nelson.
    Best wishes Mick.

  2. Yes he is a soul and RIP, but I must say I have mixed feeling about Nelson Mandela; he is now being portrayed as a Saint,and clearly he was not .The media coverage now is over the top. If his actions were saintly then why do not the people whom he claims to have liberated emulate him. I have family in SA ,and they dare not leave their property without first looking out the gate to see if anyone is hanging around. A cousin stopped at the red traffic lights and a person jumped in the car with a gun to steal.( she then refrained from stopping at red lights as long as she could safely proceed).But however it is not only the white skin population who are are risk as there is persistent tribal strife. I was saddened to see on the TV news this evening how children are being taught at special assemblies to be in awe of Nelson Mandela. Our children should be taught that racial prejudice is wrong ,but equally so is terrorism.

  3. How predictable to see Dave Cameron MP coming over all sentimental about Nelson Mandela when there are a few votes to be gleaned - in the 1980s the Federation of Conservative Students produced "Hang Mandela" posters. Various websites are now rushing to deny that Cameron was involved in politics while at university!

  4. As many,I am sure, I have been watching the proceedings of the memorial service for Nelson Mandela. I should like to understand why the gathering in the stadium in Johannesburg cheered loudly when President Mugabe was welcomed. Is this because Mugabe operates a cruel and vicious system of discrimination against the white population in Zimbabwe ,(which is a mirror image of the apartheid system Iin South Africa). I fear for the future in South Africa; a number of the citizens if South Africa still have not understood the message of Mandela,and how sad is that? I do realise that there was also a loud cheer for President Obama - I suppose the cheer was for the colour of his skin,and how sad and simplistic is that too?

  5. We can now add a touch of racism to the blog. Not from the author, but from these entries. Anti-women, anti-gay and anti-black. Mind there was that pop at Tutu a few months back, so why am I not surprised. Hateful. Hateful. Hateful.