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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Thomasina the Tank Engine

Two years ago I blogged on Political correctness gone mad following a report in the Telegraph that the television company which was recording new adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine was re-branding Christmas as "the holidays" to comply with “politically correct” thinking.

In this holiday season of Christmas there has been another poke at poor little Thomas, this time by Labour minister Mary Creagh who attacks Thomas the Tank Engine over the lack of female characters. There is little I can add to some excellent comments which follow the report here.


  1. Discrimination! What about gay tank engines?

  2. The Shadow -shallow- Transport Secretary does not have enough to do! Looking more deeply at children's cartoon characters ; in some respects they teach children social behaviour and Thomas displays chivalry. He is a friendly courteous dependable chap, politely doing his work,and giving an example of service to others. The story begins to teach children about the interaction in society of one with another and that there is great value in the identity of male and female.

  3. The Fat Controller29 December 2013 at 17:52

    From the Independent article: ‘Mary Creagh said the lack of female train drivers in Britain was a “national scandal” and that the “negative stereotypes” seen in children’s shows were partly to blame.’
    The Fat Controller replied, ‘We did try employing female engine drivers, but alas they kept stalling the locomotives. As for the gay drivers, we had to them go because they insisted on warming quiche flans on the footplate and polishing the brass work.’

  4. I seem to remember that the trucks were female - as were some of the carriages - although we are not told whether they ever mounted a campaign to become steam engines .... as, of course, would have been their right.....

  5. As amusing all this may sound, to the unsuspecting there lies a more sinister developing trend closer to home both politically and ecclesiastically.

    To mention but one. The criminal offence of 'importuning for immoral purposes' for gays in public is now, technically, down graded. Just as there is no adultery between same sex persons who are married.

    It is also becoming increasingly apparent that in Wales, discrimination against hetrosexual male persons because of their orientation is already down graded. Strangely enough, this does not seem to be the pattern when one is female or gay.

    Perhaps "negative stereotypes" such as the Archbishop and Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, (to mention only two) could bear this in mind next time they choose to have a holy huddle on gay rights platforms. " Cyfiawnder a ddyrchafa cenedl". - "Righteousness shall exhault a nation"..

    1. You are right about all this - the ultimate goal of the marxist underworld is to reduce human sexuality to a commodity - no longer male nor female, neither gay nor intersex, trans or Q - none of those distinctions matters any longer in a society whose only concern is hedonistic copulation. The Same-Sex Marriage Act confirms that all the mainstream political parties, with the exception possibly of UKIP, are on the same marxist page, having arrived there from different routes. The Left wishes to destroy the family, as a challenge to its hegemony over individuals. The Right sees sex as something that can be bought and sold. And the Church in Wales is led by bishops who subscribe to this perverted vision.

    2. Amen brother /sister, or who ever you are.