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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Welsh Primate abandons twin integrity

News from Llandaff Cathedral insiders:

 In his newly created role of Acting Dean of his own Cathedral, the dictatorial Archbishop of Wales and Bishop of Llandaff, Dr Barry Morgan, has decreed that the Cathedral Office is not to publish the names of officiants at each of the Cathedral services. The intention is to put a further barrier in the way of those who, for theological reasons, are uncomfortable with a woman presiding at the altar. Rather than being able to plan ahead to avoid unfortunate pastoral situations, it would appear that the only way of knowing who is celebrating the Eucharist at Llandaff is to see who appears at the entrance procession. 

This action again illustrates that there is nothing so intolerant as an arch-liberal. If this is the level of pastoral care shown by the Archbishop in his own Cathedral for those who are told they still have an honoured place in his Church, what hope is there for the rest of us? 

So much for a Code of Practice - it's probably not worth the paper is written on.


  1. Well what a surprise but nothing less than one would expect, from an Archbishop who respects the honoured place Catholics have and wants them to experience the wonderful ministry of women priests. But on a serious note what a birk

  2. So, Lord Ho Ho, has been at it again! And nobody even mentioned Mandy! God forbid.

    The fully fledged member of the alpha darlings, who likes to think of himself as the socially and spritual Bazzar. When in truth, he has become a low grade opportunist with an ego of a ruthless fundamentalist. No doubt, there will be no shortage of diocesan newbies.

  3. Merddyn Llewellyn10 October 2012 at 18:12

    If traditional, orthodox Christians are no longer welcome at Llandaff Cathedral, then it is obvious what the Anglo-Catholics and Evangelicals of Llandaff need to do. Resign from the Friends of the Cathedral and stop their direct giving to the Cathedral. Likewise, Traditionalist Anglicans across the Diocese of Llandaff might consider withdrawing all financial support to the Cathedral as it can no longer be regarded as the Mother Church of the Diocese.

  4. Sadly this column has degenerated to tilting at windmills once again. The danger of publicising lists of officiants is that it can encourage an 'I am for Apollos, I am for Paul' mentality, where people turn out for their favourite celebrant/preacher rather than seeking the Christ behind and before whoever happens to be officiating. Also, this blog has been significantly silent about an ordination which took place in Llandaff cathedral a fortnight ago, sensitively involving both 'integrities'to the glory and praise of God.

    1. The implication of your comment Trad Anglican is that when your leader celebrates hardly anyone turns up.

    2. Merddyn Llewellyn11 October 2012 at 08:55

      Re: ‘… rather than seeking the Christ behind and before whoever happens to be officiating…’ It is because Traditionalist Anglicans are concerned that there is significant doubt about the Orders of a lady officiant that they would like to know in advance who is to celebrate the Eucharist. I would have thought that it was a matter of good pastoral common sense for all involved in this situation to publish a list of intended celebrants. That way objectors to women priests are not bounced into the situation of leaving the service when it becomes apparent that a lady is officiating, or sitting there feeling uncomfortable and not able to receive Holy Communion. From the point of view of the lady celebrant it can’t be too pleasant seeing some of the congregation walk out or not participating in her service.
      It is a sad reality of modern Anglicanism that there are two so-called integrities. For the two integrities to be able to co-exist there needs to be mutual understanding on both sides. The bishop as the chief pastor of the diocese is charged with being a bridge between the two sides. There would be no better example of how this could work than the bishop managing this situation at the cathedral in a pastorally sensitive manner. Surely we have a big enough problem with worshippers falling away from the Church in Wales without the archbishop adding to the problem in this most insensitive way?

    3. "...sensitively involving both 'integrities'..."
      Not sensitively enough, old fruit.

    4. You should hurry to Bangor Trad Anglican where people are in danger of turning out for their favourite celebrant/preacher rather than seeking the Christ behind and before whoever happens to be officiating:
      local lad

  5. Yes, Trad Anglican (so-called Assistant Bishop?) the Ordination at Llandaff was a joyful occasion. Slightly marred by the fact that it wasn’t presided over by a Provincial Assistant Bishop – but then it would be too much to expect that Holy Orders would be conferred in Wales these days by an orthodox, traditional bishop.

  6. Llandaff cathedral Scheme. Section 4. 8
    "during the vacancy in the office of the Dean, the Bishop may from time to time nominate a member or members of the chapter who shall act in the Dean's stead." Ooooops.
    Section 2 decrees that the Dean should live and sleep in the offical house attached to the deanery for eight months of the year. Watch this bed space! Are there wrinkles on the sheets? Is there a bed?
    The Bangor Cathedral Scheme clearly stipulates that the bishop cannot be dean as well. No wonder Norman Doe has been sent up North.

    Does an archbishop cum dean cum diocesan, strike you as one who really believes in team ministries ? Episcopal actions speak louder than Mission Areas.

    1. If readers would like more information on Church in Wales Cathedral Schemes visit

  7. By jo 'Ancient Briton' one can only pray to have such a sharp mind as thy good self.

    You are correct of course. Few there are who gather around the Lord's Table these days at Llandaf when His Darkness presides. You'd get more crammned into the back of a Volkswagen Caravanete

    Being Wales's leading 'sexual orientation discriminator' he appoints a conclave of misfits and sycophants, who, judging by their appearance and talents,would find it rather difficult to gain secular employment on merit.

    If I was 'His Darkness' I'd send 'Trad Anglican' on an early train back to Yorkshire or where ever he came from.

  8. "Trad Anglican" - is he serious.
    From North Yorkshireman.

  9. Flattered though I am to have episcopacy and even Yorkshireness(God forbid!)thrust upon me, you guys need to reckon with the fact that there are far more folk in heaven and earth than Barry and the Ass Bishop who baulk at your corrosive cocktail of xenophobia, misogyny and homophobia.

  10. Flattered Trad Anglican? Yes, from Derbyshire but schooled in Yorkshire, why would anyone want to ally himself with someone who believes that the ordination of women will rid the world of homophobia, misogyny, brutalisation of women in all situations including those in war zones? -
    It is fashionable to accuse opponents of the ordination of women and same sex marriage of misogyny and homophobia but in common with the majority of Christians they simply uphold the traditional catholic faith of the Apostolic Church.