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Monday, 29 October 2012


Thanks to Alan's Angle for his report here on Tackling Sharia Misogyny. The graphic descriptions of the way women are treated under Sharia law in this country serve to highlight the absurdity of the charge of misogyny thrown at those of us who oppose the ordination of women on theological grounds.
A clue to this phenomenon may be found in the recent blog by Miranda Threlfall-Holmes who previously compared the Church of England to an abusive husband. She claims that at the heart of Christian Feminism is liberation theology. Liberation theology is defined as a political movement in Christian theology which interprets the teachings of Jesus Christ in terms of a liberation from unjust economic, political, or social conditions. I do not see the link between the suffering of the poor and the demand for the ordination of women but we can be sure of one thing. There is no need to 'interpret' the teachings of Jesus Christ with regard to the ministry of women in the church. Like it or not, he left us His example.

1 comment:

  1. The 'Cox' bill on Sharia Law may yet be a blessing Ancient Briton. Impersonating a Court of Law will become a criminal offence for all pseudo religious courts.

    Look out Bazzar and all 'Bench Sitters', your time is up.