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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Fight the Good Fight

There are those who have given up the fight, there are many who are weary of the fight, but there are others who will continue to fight the good fight to save the Church they love.

It is now clear that Anglo-Catholics and Evangelicals in the Church of England
have been betrayed. In good faith they believed the promise of an honoured place in their church if the measure to allow women to be ordained went through. Since then every glimmer of hope of living together from the prospect of a 'Third Province' to a statutory 'Code of Practice' has been dashed. It has been made abundantly clear that we are not wanted in the new Anglican church. All that remains is a vague promise; this time the promise of a voluntary Code of Practice which ultimately will be unworkable because anyone not in favour of the ordination of women will be gradually weeded out. This final compromise is summed up in an offer of 'Respect' but what value can be placed on respect after years of false accusations of bigotry, misogyny and everything else the women's movement has chosen to hurl at us in pursuit of their cause while their opponents turned the other cheek. The brazen campaign by WATCH and their like to exclude opponents from the church as though they are cleansing the Temple has been over-egged to such an extent that many of their supporters have become uncomfortable at the lack of love and respect shown to their neighbours, many of whom have worshipped in Anglican churches long before the Church of England was infiltrated by these feminists in pursuit of their secular cause

The hoped for live and let live stance has become so one-sided that if women are ordained bishops there will no longer be a place in the church for dissenters. Their objective is based on lies. This cannot be right in any circumstances let alone a religious environment. The last ditch face-saving campaign to encourage opponents to abstain rather than vote against the measure is offensive to those whose sole objective has been to act in a way they believe to be the mind of Christ. Since WATCH and their fellow travellers are the authors of their own misfortune it is now time for their supporters to turn the other cheek. If the women's movement had shown any sign of respect or understanding for their fellow worshippers whom they seek to crush through the legislative process they would have been guaranteed success. Now it is too late, their thirst for power has served no-one but themselves. They deserve defeat.


  1. "They deserve defeat" Yes you are quite right and lets hope and pray that at the November Synod the get their just deserts.

  2. joseph Golightly26 October 2012 at 08:20

    What exactly happens after "defeat". For too many years Anglo Catholics have said that they will lead the CoE back to catholcism. What has really happened is that the leaders have joined the Catholic Church and don't seem to have been replaced by men of equal stature. Many of the parish "shrines" have capitulated and the remaining ones have seen attendance dwindle. The movement has outlived its sell by date and the laity are being misled. The new CoE will be a feminist protestant organisation and no catholic should touch it with a barge pole. RITA is the answer so go back to where it started

    1. Joseph the Church of England is, or was, a broad church so there are others to be considered besides Anglo Catholics. But for many of them the path will not be open for a variety of reasons. The Ordinariate is a welcome development for those without impediment who are able to take advantage of the opportunity offered but there are many for whom the Church of England is their spiritual home with nowhere else to turn. That is the great sadness of the official position which is closer to compulsion than compassion with what is left on offer.

  3. Just to put you right Joseph, at the church where I am Hon. Assistant Curate. our attendances are increasing snd have done so for the last few years. This includes a tangible growth in the Sunday School. I don't agree that all the leaders have gone either although I do agree that those who have departed were excellent. Those of us who have stayed have done so because we feel that that is what the Holy Spirit has guided us to do at present; it doesn't mean that the Ordinariate won't be the answer in the long term.

  4. Please pray for our beloved leader Archbishop Barry, who, if you can stay awake, will once again grace our homes and TV screens on BBC Wales 10.35 on Monday evening in 'Police'..Drat! 'Vicar Academy' live from Babylon. Assisted by his tea boy, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. A match made in haven but a rocky marriage of equals.

    Isn't it exciting my fellow pilgrims - two Archbishops rolled into one?