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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Death by Care

NHS and Care Home DEATHS in 2011      

132  Thirst
      117  Bedsores
     51  Starved

Contributory factors

      650  Bedsores
                         558  Severe dehydration
               287  Malnourished

When patient care was the primary objective of nursing, 'turning' patients to avoid bedsores was commonplace. According to the latest statistics, last year 117 patients died of their bedsores with 650 being contributory factors to the cause of death.
Humorously but in a point well made, this clip shows how observation is the first rule of diagnosis yet in British Hospitals and Care Homes last year, 51 people starved to death and another 132 people died of thirst. In July, an inquest heard that a young man who died of dehydration at a leading hospital rang 999 for police because he was so thirsty. 
Years ago just one death from a cause listed above would have been considered outrageous; now there is hardly a murmur. Read here how no-one acted when they should have in response to pleas of a retired  maxillofacial surgeon. What hope is there for the rest of us?

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