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Friday, 8 June 2012

What is it about (some) women?

"Many bishops are deeply committed to supporting women’s ministry. Yet collectively, the House of Bishops has given the appearance of being most concerned about protecting, as far as possible, the consciences and feelings of the minority who strongly object to women bishops. Meanwhile, less attention has been paid to everyone else’s consciences and feelings, the practicalities of administering a very complicated system and the impact on mission. 
For instance, on 21 May 2012, when announcing the changes to draft legislation, a news release on behalf of the Bishops restated that they “will continue not to discriminate in selecting candidates for ordination on the grounds of their theological convictions regarding the admission of women to Holy Orders”."

- Part of the text from a new 
piece for Ekklesia by Savi Hensman of the 'care and equalities sector'. I commented on a previous piece here. She assumes not only that women have a God given right to be bishops but that the Church of England must get round to full acceptance of same-sex unions:

 "When the Church of England eventually gets round to full acceptance of same-sex unions, if priests and congregations are allowed not only to opt out but also to be overseen by a bishop with similar views on gender and sexuality, the number of alternative bishops could multiply. Church leaders would be well advised to review the principle before then."

Peppered with supposedly supportive quotations from the Bible, like many who hold similar views Savi Hensman writes of the consciences and feelings of the minority who strongly object to women bishops while showing no concept of the of the wider catholic church in which her view is the minority. In her penchant for quoting scripture I note, perhaps unsurprisingly, that she made no reference to Matthew 7:15 or to Ephesians 6:11. But of course, not every part of the Bible suits her case. While scripture is open to interpretation and counter quote, Christ's example and the tradition of the Apostolic church, the rock on which she was built, is not. Is it any wonder that Anglicanism is falling apart!

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