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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Order out of chaos

"We live in a time when the leadership and structures of The Episcopal Church have abandoned the faith once delivered and substituted a "false gospel" which they are now threatening to spread - as a matter of manifest destiny - to the rest of the Anglican Communion." - AAC

The latest update from the American Anglican Council provides some encouragement for Anglicans who have not been swept along by a fashionable urge to fit the Gospel around current political obsessions. For the fortunate, order has been created out of the chaos resulting from the "false gospel" now spreading, as predicted, through the Church of England and beyond having already consumed the hierarchy of the Church in Wales whose Primate has been appointed to the Crown Nominations Commission and who will no doubt regard the opinions of The Right Reverend Dr Richard Chartres who should be the next Archbishop of Canterbury as completely irrelevant to the church today

As the feminist movements in the Church of England ponder over the Amendments to the women-bishops Draft Measure I was amused to read in the Church Times article that the Group for Rescinding the Act of Synod (GRAS) said that the Bishops had pushed the Draft Measure beyond an acceptable level of "generosity and compromise”. Where did generosity and compromise figure in their deliberations or those of Women and the Church (WATCH)? They have used every device to secure exactly what they want on their terms. Don't be mislead by claims that they may have to vote against the measure because it demeans women. They will do anything to gain power. Once they have it that will signal the end of the broad church that was the Church of England.

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