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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Disestablished and ignored or overlooked?

Has the Church in Wales been ignored or overlooked? Not a mention in the gay marriage saga despite their Archbishop being so decidedly pro-gay. This must have come as a severe blow to His Grace as he hopes to impress the Crown Nominations Commission with his liberal credentials, unless of course his nomination was simply a ploy to send nobody of any standing to the Commission. After all he represents only 1% of the people of Wales - oddly the same percentage as the people claiming to be gay or lesbian - but surely that would be too cruel even for someone who has been so divisive in his church and improbable since he represents the views of the ruling elite of liberal extremism. 

Could it be then that the Church in Wales was thought to have no place in the consultation? After all, one of the complaints of the Church of England about gay marriage is that it could lead to disestablishment, the position of the Church in Wales. Perhaps they have a point! But do I detect a split in the Welsh bench? Their response to the gay marriage consultation makes some valid points, particularly so on the Scope of the Consultation, a welcome change from the usual tub-thumping by the Archbishop about gay rights which have been relegated to an oblique reference to pastoral care and support in the final paragraph, something he refuses to grant to congregations in his own church who do not follow his liberal agenda. Perhaps the other Welsh diocesan bishops have finally realised what a mess the Archbishop and his liberal chums have made of the Anglican Church.

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  1. Maybe you should look at 'Scandal and Offence' (Google)