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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Just keeping the Lib Dems happy?

The Lib Dems are having a ball. Following the the distraction of their cherished policy of same sex marriage, today sees the tabling of the House of Lords Reform Bill, something for which they have waited 100 years

Neither proposal has any relevance in the pressing need to sort out the economy and get people back to work restoring some dignity to the lives of those suffering the consequences of previous mistakes. On Lords reform, Mr Clegg told Sky News: "There's a very simple principle at stake which I think most people would agree with, which is that people who make the laws of the land should be elected by the people who have to obey the laws of the land."

I agree Mr Clegg but we already elect MPs to make the laws of the land. We don't need another elected chamber in opposition. Reform of the second chamber should concentrate on merit by appointing 'peers' to bring expert knowledge of their respective fields to the Second Chamber irrespective of part line.

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