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Friday, 23 September 2011

Now even Gay Pride bows to Islamists

If I had had any respect for Peter Tatchell it would have evaporated with his decision to "respect the decision" of the organisers of Saturday's East London Pride event "not to address the gay-free zone controversy", a subject on which he has previously written passionately. A long time campaigner and no stranger to controversy and outrageous behaviour he thought nothing of invading the pulpit in Canterbury Cathedral one Easter Sunday while Archbishop Carey was preaching. So what does Islam possess that Christianity lacks? In a word 'fear'.

Apparently tomorrow's event will "celebrate LGBT life in Barking and Dagenham, Hackney, Havering, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Redbridge and Waltham Forest as well as oppose homophobia, transphobia, sexism and racism, including islamophobia and anti-Semitism."  [Islam is not a race - Ed.] They will: "not address the Gay-Free Zone controversy, not march through the E1 area and not stress the need for LGBT-Muslim solidarity" because they fear this would stir local division", said Tatchell. He added, “given the recent controversies, I believe it is very important that we reach out to the Muslim community in East London and unite with them against Islamophobia and homophobia [because] making local alliances and coalitions is the best way to conquer hate and division". Clearly in sucking up to make alliances with Muslims, Tatchell has swallowed the Islamophobia pill for a non-existing condition. 

Meanwhile, outside this circus yet another Christian is taking another knock, this time simply for trying to heal the sick by whatever means he thinks appropriate for his patient. Despite all the benefits of living in a free society, Islamists constantly raise false claims of bigotry, racism and Islamophobia for not bowing to their every demand. As Christianity is forced to take all the knocks while listening to Islamist constant complaints, more no-go areas are being created.   

No dhimmitude here thank you Mr Tatchell.


  1. Hello.
    I am a Muslim, and I am gay. And I live in Hackney.
    I happen to agree with the approach of the inclusion of "no to homophobia, no to Islamophobia".
    Reason being, it is helpful to bring the message out that we believe, any sort of prejudice is undesirable.
    In addition, this doesn't appear to be divisive, ie people can be Muslims AND not be homophobic and vice versa.
    Throughout my life, I have encountered religious people who were shocked upon knowing that I am a homosexual. However, they became more comfortable and accepting once they know me as a person.
    My point is that, if you extend a hand in friendship and give people an opportunity to get know you, their pre-conceived notions might be deconstructed.
    Sure, some are beyond help, but if we can change even a small number of people to start with, that is already a success.
    Am I rambling on???? :-)

  2. No you are not rambling on Dean. I am not shocked that you are homosexual and agree that prejudice is undesirable. However, I do not accept the notion of Islamophobia, a new term which has been invented by Islamists to deflect criticism or questioning of their extremist views. Please note, that must not to be taken to mean 'anti-Muslim' as extremists suggest.