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Friday, 9 September 2011

Barry's blunder

Another irate email from a friend in the Church in Wales reminds me of the Grand Mufti tales that used to appear in the Llandaffchester Chronicles. 

Well insulated from lesser mortals in his palace on the Green, the publicity hungry Archbishop has used the 9/11 anniversary to promote his idea of mutual understanding between Muslims and Christians issuing a joint statement with the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Wales, Saleem Kidwai. The Archbishop is not alone in his delusion that Islam will embrace Christianity if he panders to Muslim demands. Others have committed the same blunder. Ironically he appears to have more dialogue with Muslims than with the 'traditionalists' in his own church despite his supposed position as a visible sign of unity [see Para 3.1.3 of the link]!

Reading about him in his Wikipedia entry the Secretary General, Saleem Kidwai, is a pillar of society but far less impressive are the warnings highlighted here. Of course Muslims want to live in peace and harmony with Christians who form a majority but that is not the case in countries where Christians are a minority and will not be here if the position is reversed. I have been told that Muslims in the Archbishop's diocese are spreading a story that Jesus was a Muslim while others claim that Jesus prophesied Muhammad in the Bible. A response to these absurd suggestions can be found here.

As the influence of the Anglican church declines in England and in Wales its bishops are more intent on fostering Islam than preaching Christianity. According to the latest Church in Wales press release their Archbishop "will turn to the Welsh writer R S Thomas to sort out the current problems in the Anglican church in a lecture next week. [He] will suggest Thomas’ poetry has much to teach the church today about the nature of faith as it struggles to resolve tensions over the ordination of women bishops and gay people." One could add, tensions he and his liberal friends have created. Let's be honest, if listeners want to hear the Christian message they would be better off listening in to Fr Zakaria Botros.


  1. Hello Ancient Briton

    Look at


  2. Sorry 'Anonymous' the link doesn't work.

  3. If Barry has more to do with outsiders than traditionalists, maybe he is taking his cue from Jesus. Although I guess Barry is kinder to traditionalists than our Lord was!

  4. It would be helpful if pen names were used to avoid confusion when 'Anonymous' comments are posted please.

  5. Sorry Ancient Briton, try on google. Second from top is gowermaster, click on to bloger profile, then on My Blogs 'Fantasy Island'.

    Would valu your comments

    Heather Evans.

  6. How right you are, Our Lord did indeed embrace all, those who were considered to be outsiders for whatever reason were welcome in his Kingdom.
    Barry however only embraces those who agree with him and there is the difference.

  7. Hello Heather. I think this must be the site you have in mind

    I'm a bit pushed at the moment but will get back to it and respond after I've digested what looks to be a very interesting read. In the meantime others may wish to take a look.

    Thank you for your interest.

  8. Heather, I've now had a good read following the links the best I could. The gist of it suggests a wider dissatisfaction in the Church in Wales than already recorded in other Blogs. Indeed, the sub-heading 'A - Z GUIDE ON CHURCH SCANDALS' suggests that there is more to come following in the footsteps of 'Scandal and Offence at

    Most of the information I receive comes from the Llandaff diocese so I do not have sufficient knowledge to comment on the detail. However, the case of the Reverend Geraint ap Iorwerth was widely reported and perhaps it is this that interests you.

    Watching the report at
    it is interesting that none of the Rector's parishioners was bothered by his 'artwork' which suggests that, in context, the Rector was able to covey the message he intended. There are frightening passages in the Bible and weighing these against the "positive, healing and reconciling words" he starkly demonstrated the outcome of his work.

    I found the fuss about burning the remaining fragments absurd. What better way of disposing of the remains than burning the fragments reminiscent of incense rising to heaven? All the alternatives I have considered are far less appropriate. The exercise was not to everyone's taste. Art never is but an important point has been lost amidst the furore: the Rector started to "re-read the Bible at the beginning of Lent. How many Christians can say that.

    So far as the exercise itself is concerned, the important point is what the Bible tells us as a whole and how Jesus saw things. Picking and choosing lands us in all sorts of trouble, not least picking up on something that does not appear in the Bible to justify unilaterally changing the tradition of the church to justify secular ambitions. What greater offence can there be than separating us from the the rest of the universal Church with the hope of unity which Christ Himself prayed for? "Bazzer" can't escape that one.

  9. Thank you Ancient Briton. I am glad that you did not come down heavy on this priest. Nothing is so bad as to kick a man when he is down.
    Although we don't see eye to eye on everything I sense a deep spiritual insight in your blogs. And yes, sadly the Church in Wales under the leadership of Morgan is leading us to nothing short than apostasy. His arrogance is without doubt, his main attribute.

    Heather Evans

  10. Hi, the Scandal and Offence blog can now be found at: