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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Ashamed of the Gospel

 'Dhimmi Bishop' Source: 24/6 Mag                       St Paul’s Cathedral hosts iftar celebration in London     Source: Twitter @anglicanink

Former midwife, now Bishop of London, the Rt Revd and Rt Hon Dame Sarah Mullally, DBE, defers to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Kahn, in St Paul's Cathedral where "different faiths and none" gathered to celebrate an interfaith iftar.

The bishop also covered her head with a hijab-like garment at a secular meeting at Regent’s Park Mosque in London. Perhaps surprisingly she did not tuck her pectoral cross into her cassock for fear of causing further offence to Muslims who find the symbol of salvation offensive.

It could be worse. In fact it was at a Durham Church which offered to cover crosses while hosting Muslim prayers.

The Vicar, Lissa Scott, has been described as a “liberal” who uses “gimmicks like Café Church to offer a gospel-less diet of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism.”

Whilst it is understable that simple good manners might indicate a particular course of action out of courtesy and respect for the faith of others it has become a one-way traffic.

Rebel Priest Jules Gomes, wrote: "A parish church in the Diocese of Durham has been criticised for 'being ashamed of the gospel' after saying it would cover crosses and other sacred images in order to host Islamic prayers and an Iftar meal for the local Muslim community. The Church of St Matthew and St Luke, Darlington, also agreed to provide separate worship space so men and women could offer segregated worship."

As another blogger commented, "Is this repugnant surrender of female church leaders to a misogynist creed really what 'interfaith' understanding has come to?"

Postscript [26.05.2019]

The bishop of Bangor has tweeted:
"Last night Dean Kathy Jones led a group of us to the shared meal in Bangor's mosque in this season of Ramadan. We were welcomed and the hospitality was so generous. We can listen and learn when we make time for each other."

Monmouth and St Albans joined in. What would they have learnt from their hosts? It is unlikely that they would have referred to the impassioned address in London by the Rt Rev Bashar Warda who said that Iraq's Christians now faced extinction after 1,400 years of persecution. They certainly would not have referred to the "approximately 270 million non-believers who died over the last 1,400 years for the glory of political Islam."

How is it that Church in Wales bishops can readily engage with a supremacist political ideology that contradicts Christian beliefs and regards women as inferior to men but are unwilling to engage with orthodox Anglicans?


  1. There is no interfaith understanding.
    The morons have yet to realise Islam has mounted a hostile takeover hidden behind the veils of multiculturalism and political correctness.
    Appeasers and cowards all.

  2. Another milksop Bishop, not leading but pandering fruitlessly to every other faith, probably without the intellect to do otherwise.

  3. If we might be fair for a moment. Lissa Scott may well be excused for thinking that it was OK to do what she did when she sees the hierarchy clambering over each other to be more Moslem than the Moslems. It doesn't make it right, and I am not trying to justify her actions. The hierarchy can't have it both ways. They can't rap her knuckles for doing what they do themselves.
    I wonder though - when the Bishop of London went to the mosque, did they put a cross out to make her feel welcome?!

  4. And the Lord turned and looked upon Peter...and Peter remembered.
    Luke 22:61

    1. The sad thing Simple Soul is that even if the Lord stood and looked at the hierarchy here in Wales, they wouldn't recognise him, let alone remember. You only have to look at His Grace's words at GB recently that the Bench are waiting and listening for God to speak. God has spoken, and they have stuck their fingers in their ears, like petulant children and "La, la, la'd", whilst he has been speaking. When Jesus, the greatest revelation of God this planet has ever had, left us his words and teaching, the false shepherds turfed that teaching out in order to please secular whims. They delude themselves into believing that they are not following the "spirit of the age", yet prior to the Government bringing in same-sex marriage UNDEMOCRATICALLY, how many bishops do you recall advocating such a policy? I think a more apt verse of scripture is John 11: 35, And Jesus wept.

  5. Showing respect is one thing but adopting the practices of a religion that denies the saving death and divinity of the Lord is an outrage especially within a Christian place of worship. This is the problem with the Established Church - British Islam feels it has a claim on these significant sites in our national life.

    Never hanker after the days of establishment CiW.

  6. German Jews warned not to wear kippas after rise in anti-Semitism.

    Imagine the furore if Politicians or anyone else suggested muslims shouldn't wear their caps.

  7. The Bishop of Bangor is full of shit.
    The Church in Wales is full of shit.
    Get out while you can.
    The swamp is growing and will suck you down with it.