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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

More luuuuv and lots of it, for some

Do you see the archbishop chatting-up the ex-minister? He hasn't a clue what he has started. Llandaff next!                                        Photo source: Wales Online

Love is the thing. Presiding bishop Michael Curry drawled it out at the marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle:

The liberal infiltrators who have targeted Anglicanism continually talk of love, rolling all forms of love into one. It embraces every desire.

The liberal propaganda machine is spread widely, so much so that when discussing gender fluidity with a group of secondary school pupils they confidently predicted that pansexuality would become the norm. [See Postscript: Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids]

Schools, television, newspapers, church, in fact everywhere, 'education' has become the means of encouraging almost anything and everything except traditional marriage resulting in a massive increase in sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

'Love' without qualification is all. We should not be surprised, then, when impressionable teenagers interpret the message as 'do as you please'.

The zeitgeist has been promoted shamelessly by people, including clergy, as a means of advancing their own preference. 'Get used to it', is their response. 'People will think nothing of it in time' as if that were justification for not defending traditional marriage, the foundation of family life.

If these people are right, why are church pews emptying?

In a recent twist, the Right Rev Rachel Treweek reportedly argued that only God can provide unconditional love. Previously she has argued that the Church of England should stop using male pronouns when referring to God in order to counter the erroneous belief that the Almighty has a gender.

From The Times (£). You can’t have love without faith, says woman bishop

"The first woman to become a senior Anglican bishop has questioned whether people can really have love or hope if they do not believe in God. The Right Rev Rachel Treweek shattered the so-called “stained-glass ceiling” when she was made Bishop of Gloucester in 2015, less than a year after the Church of England had voted to allow women to join its House of Bishops. At the time, she said that she would encourage British Christians to “speak out with confidence about their faith” after years of reticence over mounting robust public defences of Anglican belief."

She seemed to be implying that people in extraordinary loving relationships, with whoever/whatever must have a greater belief in God.

Following a tweet from Humanists UK which said how "deeply, profoundly offensive it was to the 53% of people in the UK that have no religion" the bishop has since denied that she said anything of the sort.

In an anxious video response the bishop wondered aloud "if without faith we can really know deep hope and love", which appeared to take her back to what she said she did not say.

Unable to stop digging a deeper hole for herself she mentioned love sixteen times referring to her 'own brokenness', the 'bomb attack in Manchester' and 'bishop Michael Curry's Royal wedding sermon'.

Persecution has reared its head in another controversy. Church of England evangelicals are claiming that they being "forced out" for being gay.

"Jayne Ozanne, 'an influential Church of England evangelical who is gay', has promised to raise the issue at the General Synod next month and ask whether churches are breaching the official guidelines of the House of Bishops. Speaking to The Sunday Times, she had "learnt of dozens of cases recently" and said she expected a #MeToo" moment for the Church to be stirred up."

The Bishop of Maidstone, the Rt Revd Rod Thomas, had criticised a letter extending welcome to same-sex couples last month by Lichfield diocese. Bishop Thomas, who chaired the conservative Evangelical pressure group Reform until 2015, was responding to recent guidelines issued by the Bishops in the diocese of Lichfield to all clergy and lay ministers which seek to end “intrusive questioning” on sexual practices.

The Dean of St Paul’s, the Very Revd David Ison, expressed concern about the Bishop of Maidstone’s comments on the Lichfield diocesan letter seeking to define “radical Christian inclusion”. In a blog contribution, he also criticises the Church of England bishops more generally for “institutional dishonesty” about clergy in same-sex relationships, which, he says, is damaging to mental health as well as corrupting of the institution.

With so much talk of love and inclusion you might have thought that a place at the table could be found for traditionalist Anglicans but not a bit of it.

The only chance of a welcome is to become a Muslim or ignore one's conscience and fall in behind those who already have.

Postscript [13.06.2018]

From The Conservative Woman blog (H/T Twitter)

Jordan Peterson: We are funding the destruction of Western civilisation


  1. It is not love to dumb down the Gospel. It is not love to preach a false gospel. It is not love to bless a sin.
    Unfortunately, once someone has claimed to hold the high ground of "love", anyone who attempts to challenge their claim is quickly labeled a "hater".

    1. What would Jesus say?15 June 2018 at 16:56

      Sounds as though --Bazza's coven haven't heard of "tainted love".

      The good news is that at least the Wigley witch has announced her retirement.

      The question now is will there be a rash of sudden retirement announcements from the Llandaff Chapter when embarrassing stories or Organ appeal fraus and profligate spending start hitting the headlines of WalesOnline, Private Eye and The Church Times?