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Friday, 1 June 2018

Church in Wales money tree

New Education Director                                                Source: Church in Wales

The Church in Wales money tree continues to grow, or so it appears, providing for ever increasing numbers of senior staff required to keep the bench in the manner to which they must think they are entitled.

According to a Provincial press release the new Education Director will advise the bishops on education policy and support the team of diocesan directors of education in their work with local authorities. 

She joins a growing band of additional archdeacons and advisers, freeing the bench to devote even more time to spending other peoples money with the odd jolly thrown in.

Mrs Thomas is currently Head of Bassaleg School, Newport where archbishop John Davies spent his formative years but that can't be held against her. She arrived as Deputy Head in 2004.

Perhaps she could make a start by educating the bench.


  1. Bishop of Llandaff has her own money tree - re Charter plane for clergy to a holiday destination at Compostella.
    Can't see her getting away with this - think food banks, poverty in the valleys and Cardiff and indignation throughout the diocese at such unnecessary expenditure.
    Lack of judgement big time.


  2. Will be interesting to see what her wages will be - she was on £110,000 at Bassaleg.... I wonder?

  3. I wish she would come to Rhondda to help and organise the opening of a much needed church primary school. Maybe then more children and their parents will come back into the fold of our valley churches. Never a better time with so many primary school buildings coming onto the market through schools reorganisation. Perhaps Llandaff would send us a few more priests then too. Even though Rhondda has ‘produced’a few priests in fairly recent years, they never come back. Forgotten valley.

    Pew sitter.

  4. Grade G – £42,692 to £48,302 per annum but that is on top of a teacher's pension of course.
    Sadly Pew sitter, these posts aren't designed to help at Parish level. I think the Bench has no confidence in it's "product" anymore so are just producing endless advisers to the Bench to make them look and feel more important. The job description says : In partnership with the Diocesan Directors of Education, the post holder will provide advice to the Bench of Bishops on the development of all aspects of the work of the Church in Wales at national level in relation to the education of children and young people and those at Further and Higher Education Institutions. Additionally, the post holder will lead on relationships with the Welsh Assembly Government and other key stakeholders in the sector.

    I agree with you, most Parishes just want to have their Priest without which it is a downward path.......

    1. Having thought I'd just read "to make them feel more impotent", I did a double take.
      Then I realised I was right the first time!

  5. Have been musing about the CinW Money Tree. Does any one know what it costs to run or operate the CinW each year? By that I mean everything including pensions etc. Total investment portfolio for 2017 was nearly worth £604m

  6. Is it about £15m? Does anyone know.

  7. The annual report and accounts are available on the RB or Charity Commission websites