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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Silencing the lambs

Source: Infowars

The Facing Islam Blog reports that Google is enforcing Sharia Law by blocking ads containing the keyword 'jihadwatch'.

From Infowars in 2015: After I made a video in which I explained that executing gay people and stoning women to death was a bad thing, and that this may indicate Islam is not a very “peaceful” religion, someone on Facebook reported me to the police for committing a hate crime.
“You do realize that spreading hate is illegal in the UK….I’ve reported you stupidity to facebook, the police, and several online hate crime organizations. Best of luck in the future ya tool,” wrote the individual.

On a more trivial level but equally important in terms of free speech Gavin Ashenden recently reported the latest muzzle being used by modern liberals is Twitter blocking:  "I just love it that you can block people on twitter. What a joy.  'Bigotry'- block. 'Hatred' -block. 'Stupidity-block.  'Ad-hominem'-block!!"

With their feet firmly under the table, conditioning minds with their political correctness and twisted views on equality progressive liberals are having a field day. The devoutly Christian tennis legend Margaret Court, who takes a conservative view on gay marriage, has been denied renewal of her local club membership in Australia.

One would think that same sex relationships are the natural order, that there is something really rather quaint in the belief that marriage is the natural union of men and women for the procreation of children. There is nothing natural about a transgender male giving birth to a child from the womb she was born with even if she does believe she is a man. The liberal buzz word is 'love' which 'normalizes' everything

When it comes to 'equality' there can be little more bizarre than when a "senior Anglican academic" calls on the Church of England not to appoint any 'traditionalists' – those opposed to women priests – until a third of all bishops are women. Warning the Church is damaging 'its public witness and Christian credibility' by promoting those who oppose female ordination, Prof Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, says the CofE 'needs to embrace equality unequivocally'. I wonder how he would feel if his position had been part of a quota system with parity the first consideration.

Percy's church is not the Body of Christ. It is one of many parts, barely a toenail. Even in Anglicanism it is barely a toe yet insidious liberalism has so infected Anglicanism that the progressives would have people believe that they represent Christian thinking. They do not. They are on the margins but they have succeeded in marginalising traditional Christian faith and values while turning the Church of England, and the Church in Wales, into secular institutions to further political causes such feminism and LGBTQ+.

To comment contrary to progressive liberal values is portrayed as hate which must be suppressed. The irony is that hating hate has become more hateful than hate itself so the lambs are silenced while the wolves are left to rampage.


  1. How dare you use the letter B in LGBTQ+? How do you think that make non-binary people feel? Bi-sexual is a hateful bigoted word that deliberately marginalises non-binary people. Please use LGOTQ+ in future!!!!!!! (O = omnisexual, so including the non-binary in their widespead love/lust/sexual-attraction)

  2. Since you've mentioned "Silencing" Ancient Briton, your readers might like to know that it seems the RB staff relocation from Cathedral Road to the most expensive offices in Cardiff is well underway with the services of a commercial high volume shredding company engaged and parking their lorry outside number 39.

    Is ++John doing away with all the evidence and audit trails to --Bazza's misdeeds as fast as he can?

    1. Bit too late to shred the Pontrhydfendigaid file. (Scandal and Offence ) google.

  3. Pondering Pastor Point of question. How is this move a valid and proper use of financial resources? As Parishes fall.

    Then, how can documents be shredded when the law says they have to be archived for a period. Most churches electronically archive for posterity. Good example are: the abuse scandal data across churches and the recent misadministration of the salvation army finances under charity commissioners investigation.

    If there is valid concerns duty of care should be to report said Church and officials involved to the Charity Commissioner for Wales, at Newport.

    If this whole matter is just speculation then it's time to stop or, produce evidence and report to appropriate authority.

  4. The answer to your 'point of question' Pondering Pastor lies in what has been repeatedly quoted by the Enforcer on this blog, "We continue as we please", (His Hon Michael Evans QC 1997, and, www.Scandal and Such is the demise of the Church in Wales.

    This period of shredding and renewal will bring a great opportunity for sycophant's to do a Pontius Pilate on His Darkness.

    1. Take heart fellow bloggers. In this electronic age we and all our works are immortal. Shredding and burning are so old hat. Every contact leaves a trace. Every trace can be enhanced, as with DNA traces. We all have a Bcc button and we can all forward our data to wherever and to whomsoever we please for the public good.
      Be they never so mighty - we are the regulators now.

    2. True Watchman. Remember also 1994 -97, the lone cleric in North Wales who questioned a questionable clergy pension fund, the 3/4 million annual salary and expenses bill of 39 Cathedral Rd, and also called of the Provincial Finance Board that there be only two bishops for the whole province? There followed the sudden resignation of a 'Provincial Court' president owing to ill health (Please stop laughing), and hey presto, enter the smiling judge and the 'Hang them high' bishop? As the scarlet lady said of the bishop "The bishop used me as a battering ram in order to get to C......d W.....s.

  5. Breaking on BBC News North West Wales at this very moment A.B. 110 CiW churches closed this decade. 11 currently up for sale.