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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Who can we trust?

The Church of England is being asked to reconsider if it can still accept conservative bishops who oppose women priests (here and here). Should we be surprised? Women's movements such as WATCH aided by their pathetic fellow travellers have it all except parity. They are working on that.

Remember the debates? - It did not mean that women would be made priests if deaconesses were allowed to be deacons. - It was unfair not to allow women deacons to become priests, after all, there was little difference other than being able to say a few extra words! - The 'stained glass' ceiling was unjust; having agreed that women can become priests we cannot deny them the right to become bishops. The rest is history. Faith is passé. It is about so-called equality and being relevant to society, never mind the consequences.

Past dirty tactics are forgotten but filth was sent through the post to opponents who simply wanted to uphold the faith as received. In one of the earliest comments on this blog I was branded a c*** for my conscientious objection to the catholic faith we shared with most Christians throughout the world being amended by synodical procedures for political purposes.

The message is clear. Say anything, do anything to achieve your goal then renege on agreements claiming further persecution and discrimination until all opposition is eliminated.

Many of the faithful have given up the struggle as churches become little more than tea rooms with an opportunity for dressing up to perform parodies of ancient rituals. The younger element may be attracted to messy church and toddler groups especially if access to education is enhanced by church going but where are the in-betweens who should replace the increasingly elderly congregations? Churchgoers have in many congregations been replaced by church users. Consequently buildings which were loved and cared for are falling into decay.

Figures produced by ComRes, and commissioned by the Church, show that many of those who claim to be Christian don't actually take part in many of the activities which are normally associated with the faith. Figures show that 60 per cent of self-declared followers of the Church admit they never read the Bible, and 36 per cent say they never attend church. One in three said they never pray.

By contrast Muslims are the world’s fastest-growing religious group. "In the next half century or so, Christianity’s long reign as the world’s largest religion may come to an end". Who cares? What is the Government's response to the continuing 'Islamic extremist' threat to our democracy?

If there were a secular book for sale which was full of hate against non-believers with instructions on how to deal with kafirs by decapitating them for not agreeing to subjugation it would be banned but it is acceptable as a religious book of instruction because devotees assure the ignorant that Islam is a religion of peace despite all the evidence to the contrary over the last 1400 years.

The Government and media are so caught up in the political correctness that in addition to the constant threat of violence, countless young British white girls have been trafficked by Muslims who have a totally different outlook on life and the position of women in their adopted country.

So successful has the Muslim community been in claiming to be persecuted victims that anyone daring to draw attention to the many anomalies are branded hateful racists even though Islam is not a race but a religious ideology. That alone should indicate a level of ignorance which demands attention but critical analysis is immediately challenged as Islamophobia. - Heads you loses, literally, tails they win.

Ironically it seems that many Muslims know as little about their religion as many Christians while many Anglicans are prepared to twist the faith to accord with their own selfish desires.  A 'good' Muslim will follow instructions in the Quran to defeat the kafir by whatever means. Most will choose deception while a few pursue violent jihad. That the majority live peacefully convinces the gullible that Islam is a religion of peace.

Can we trust the Government to study this contradiction before we too become a minority in our own land as loyal Anglicans have been sidelined by secularists in their own church?

"For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance.Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them." Matthew 25:29


  1. First, it is unclear on your website, where comments are to be posted.

    Having said that, your comments are so refreshing. You write what I should wish to write - on theological liberalism in Wales: female ordination, same-sex 'marriage', trans-gender issues and Islam. You provide a kind of safety valve; from what? More suffering, I suppose. The Church in Wales moves farther and farther into heresy. How have the mighty fallen from the days of Glyn Simon!

  2. In whom can we trust?
    The Lord God almighty.
    No-one else.
    Ignore the false prophets of the Church in Wales and Church of England.
    As those who prayed very loudly and extravagantly in the temple, they have already had their reward.

  3. I am surprised that the eagle-eyed commentators on this blog missed Peggy the Pilate's hand-wringing question at the Governing Body recently. Why, she beseeches, are so many stipendiary clergy leaving the Church in Wales and taking up posts in the Church of England? So baffled is she, that she wants some statistics.

    Up here in the declining spiral formerly known as the Diocese of Bangor, we have lost 12 stipendiary clergy (25%) in the past six years, who have moved (in some cases to distinguished posts) in the Church of England - and this figure doesn't include the former Dean who only got out by the skin of her teeth with the help of episcopal semantic circumlocution. They are all graduates, Welsh-speakers and clearly gifted people destined for higher things. They are all people of unquestionable integrity, which is more than can be said for the rump that remains (or has been dragged back). Obviously, they recognised that, once Andy Crap started promoting the lost causes of the past, the Diocese was fractured below the waterline, and decided to get out before they started a triage for the lifeboats.

    Isn't it significant that Peggy didn't ask for figures on those clergy who have left the Church of England and taken up posts in the Church in Wales? Surely that would be an easier task, as there are far fewer of them. One of them is now an Archdeacon in the Diocese of Llandaff, who applied for so many English archdeaconries and was never appointed, that she went squealing to Barry the Golfer and, hey presto, she became an archdeacon. Her machinations and pronouncements since she came to Wales tell us a great deal about why no English bishop wanted her on his senior staff.

    1. No-one in Llandaff wanted her either other than the Arch prat bully boy --Bazza.
      The only good news is that her retirement isn't too far off.

    2. It would be a good idea for her to look at her own "machinations and announcements" as a possible starting point for the reasons why so many priests are leaving. She could then follow it up by reviewing many dubious decisions of the bench e.g admission of children to Holy Communion which according to more than one legal expert was contrary to the established legal procedures governing the actions of the C in W. There are many more instances of this kind which have undermined the credibility of the C in W and which have driven so many priests and parishioners away so she shouldn't have to look too far!

  4. Good for you B.B. The very best Buglers are renowned for their ability to produce musical notes of the purest clarity. You are no exception.
    I have before me the Bangor Diocesan Year Book for 1975 - 1976 where the devastation caused by a succession of weak liberal bishops can clearly be seen.
    The figures are heart breaking in these modern times.
    In addition to the ever courteous Dr. G. O. Williams the cathedral was well served by Bishop Vaughan and a chaplain.
    Beneficed clergy totalled 106 all validly ordained, all highly educated and all orthodox.
    36 validly ordained clergy were licensed and permitted to officiate in the diocese.
    A reformation and restoration is called for.
    Bugler - Sound the Charge !