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Thursday, 6 July 2017

New Anglicanism: secularism with ritual?

"Recent developments in The Episcopal Church with respect to a change in their Canon on marriage represent a fundamental departure from the faith and teaching held by the majority of our Provinces on the doctrine of marriage. Possible developments in other Provinces could further exacerbate this situation." - Scottish Episcopal Church Agenda and Papers, General Synod 2016.

Last month the Scottish Episcopal Church voted to allow same-sex couples to be married in church.

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have been criticised for inviting the proposer of the Scottish gay-marriage motion to the General Synod meeting in York, placing a group of the Synod’s laity and clergy in an “invidious” position.

There should be nothing to discuss if a change is "a fundamental departure from the faith and teaching" but the Archbishops of Canterbury and York appear to be one-track minded on this issue. In January 2016 there was an explanation in The Telegraph explaining how the Anglican Communion came to find itself in this mess.

Much has been made of changing attitudes towards gay marriage but how many simply go with the flow? That public opinion has shifted is hardly surprising in a do-as-you-please society which fails to recognise the absurdities of the new 'anything goes' mentality.

In what could be a "world first" an eight-month-old Canadian baby has been issued with a health card that does not specify the child's sex. It has been done at the request of parent Kori Doty, a non-binary transgender parent who identifies as neither male nor female. The obvious is no longer obvious.

The Holy Smoke podcast above poses the question: Are Christians warming to gay marriage? For secularists same sex marriage is defined in terms of equality, regarding any opposition as discrimination. That religious groups are apparently falling into line indicates not so much a change in view of the sacrament of marriage, rather it indicates how the church has been infiltrated by lobbies determined to advance their agendas at any cost.

Civil partnerships were introduced to ensure that homosexual couples are not discriminated against. For the Anglican church to introduce same sex marriage would be to turn it into a secular institution with ritual, a return paganism.

Update [09.07.2017]

Reporting on GS Misc 1158 - Proposals for the Pastoral Advisory Group on Human Sexuality and the Development of the Teaching Document (item 8 on Saturday's Agenda at the York Synod) - Archbishop Welby "hoped a document would be available for discussion at the synod in early 2020 'though on a process this complicated we cannot be pinned down relating to time'."

Had the Archbishop maintained Christian doctrine ‘founded in scripture, in reason, in tradition, in theology and the Christian faith as the Church of England has received it’, the Church would not have the complication.

Winding up the debate on her motion calling for a ban on the practice of Conversion Therapy aimed at altering sexual orientation, Ms Jayne Ozanne quoted a tear jerking letter from a retired homosexual priest in his 90's who complained about homophobia in the Church. This has been alleged so often that the bishops believe it when in my experience the reverse is true, often with the innocent on the receiving end as some gays seek to extend their influence at the expense of others.

Next up: Church of England to vote on transgender services. To follow, 'polyamorous' marriage?


Please also read Sin at Synod - How the Church forbad forgiveness by Gavin Ashenden and listen to Peter Ould losing it in his Podcast T is for Tearing up the Rules of Anglicanism.

What hope can there be for Anglicanism in this country?


  1. "It is no part of Christian charity to bear with fortitude the wrong doings of another "

    I do not remember who first said this -it sounds a little like Thomas Merton?
    However, it is true.
    That is why so very many of the blog posts presented by Ancient Briton are worthy.
    We cannot afford to appease the pressure of those seeking to alter the foundation of the Church ,which is presented in the name of equality,human rights and liberal attitudes. It is so clear that the Church does not, and cannot, live in peace without conforming to Christ's rule of life: which pattern leaves our hearts and souls in perfect freedom.

  2. Longing for Change7 July 2017 at 12:25

    Interesting reading in today's Church Times about Jeffrey John getting email exchanges between 'Honest' John Davies and the Tree-Eater of St Asaph via Freedom of Information. I wonder what else we can get our hands on: how much of the C in W's money Barry Morgan spent on lawyers over 16 years, threatening those who might have blown his hypocritical cover; or what about the financial settlement for Carlos the Fornicator? Proceedings of the 2008 electoral college in Bangor and Llandaff in 2017 might make interesting reading, too.

    1. What planet are you on 'Longing for Change'? It goes back to 1997, read, (3 times, to be safe) the historical CiW case, 'Scandal and Offence' (Google) when Barry, having exposed himself (from Bangor Cathedral pulpit) as an OCD sufferer, with a morbid obsession with his idol- cowboy Clint Eastwood (Hang them High). Amazing what he hides under the sofa.

      He and his henchmen spent £305.000 + getting rid of an Anglesey vicar and covering up a dogdy clergy pension fund. Truth is, following hundreds of thousands pounds later, the wolly is still trying but failing miserably. And so, it goes on......! Poor Barry bom boms, the little bopa woba has forgotten all about Frank Ifield - "I remember You". Doesn't it bring tears to your eyes brethren?

      Berwyn from Anglesey .

    2. Berwyn from Anglesey? How could readers of the 'Goleuad' during 1992- 94 forget you? Sales of that paper were at an all time high. It caused Barry and Elvis to booby most holes on a Friday at the Deinol Golf course Bangor.I still have a photo of one 'avoidable boob'. Berwyns skill at playwrighting, convinced readers that he was the editor himself taking the pi.s.

      Barry will therefore be pleased to learn that "news concerning your departure was greatly exaggerated". Perhaps old Frank Ifield, who gave a concert in a Colwyn Bay pub recently, could "Teach you to Yoddle" as well?. Congratulations on your OBE, (Order Breakfast Early?).

  3. This sums up how secular we have on BBC, and no mention of God............
    Representing the Church in Wales, Dr Annette Daly – Director of Education for the Diocese of Monmouth –acknowledged that when young people speak out, they need to be heard, listened to and understood, she went on to explain the role of prayer and collective worship in schools. Collective worship is about “being together, belonging to a community with a focus on others … a spirit of community and healing.”

  4. "When young people speak out they need to be heard,listened to".......and guided !

    Annette Daly is absolutely right in her description of 'collective worship' -being together and belonging to a community! This is precisely the error of a great many Anglican Church services ; going to Church has declined into become a social occasion where be meets ones friends.

  5. 11 July - what make ye of this? The church’s trans epiphany will ease the way for others like me | Tina Beardsley