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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The cost of success

This image from Twitter (H/T Anglican Mainstream) shows the celebration of a lesbian civil partnership at Southwark Cathedral with "Eucharist, Dinner and Dancing". 

It was joyfully attended by the Very Rev'd Professor Martyn Percy Dean of Christ Church Oxford, who pressed Philip North either to renounce his membership of The Society or to decline his nomination as bishop of Sheffield, and his wife Emma Percy, Chair of WATCH who likes to refer to God as a 'She'. 

Taken with the errors committed at the recent General Synod in York, this is another example of how far Anglicanism in Great Britain has become a do as you please religion.

In another recent post on Anglican Mainstream the question was posed, Why is the Episcopal Church near collapse? A note of caution was added: Ed:  The author of this article is not mentioned, nor is it dated.  We believe it to be several years old, but we consider it suitable for posting as the situation has not improved and the article clearly shows the effect of revisionism.

The rot started in the US. If ever there was a cautionary tale to heed one would have thought that the brakes would have been applied but instead progressives in this country have held up TEC as an exemplar.

After all she has done to bring down the Episcopal Church in the United States, their former Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori, was invited to proclaim the Gospel at the consecration of the new bishop of Llandaff, ignoring the Church in Wales' own Basic Guidance concerning the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist:   "[17.] The Gospel is normally proclaimed by a deacon, where available...and, from the Appendix, It is the duty of the deacon to proclaim the Gospel."

The Gospel stunt was a distraction which focused on the advancement of women in the Church rather than giving glory to God with the central focus of the liturgy being Christ himself (General Guidelines).

Another posing opportunity for women bishops       Source:Salisbury Journal

Back at the parish ministry area level, this comment was received following my previous entry which confirms worrying reports about Ministry Areas:

".... you mention 'inspiring our poor worn out hard working priests'
I agree with you but the management push to force ministry areas everywhere, is doing the opposite. Team leaders here in Monmouth are hard to come by as no one wants to run 3-4 parishes with less and less team members. Cwmbran, became a ministry area and went from 4 full time clergy, to two, the curate recently was moved to Malpas Ministry Area as no one would apply for it, so the remaining ministry team leader has resigned and is off to Llandaff as a team vicar. So soon no full time clergy......but hey plenty of lay readers who have been ordained...........(is it me or is that bad theology?)
I gather Llandaff has a chap going round full time, telling PCC's how wonderful ministry areas are......."

In the wider sphere, an observation from Pope Benedict XVI who sent a "sobering" message at the funeral of Cardinal Joachim Meisner saying he was moved at the dubia cardinal's ability to "live out of a deep conviction that the Lord does not abandon His Church, even when the boat has taken on so much water as to be on the verge of capsizing.

What liberals claim as progress is the cost of their success. At the official level Anglicanism is all but finished in the US with Great Britain not far behind while blind progressives still insist that it is they who are right!

But all is not lost. Please read this hopeful message: To the Anglicans of Great Britain.

Postscript [28.07.2017]

Read a review of material from Southwark Cathedral to mark civil parterships  here.


  1. The Why is the Episcopal Church near collapse? article was exellent but from the meta-tags it can be seen it's almost exactly 5 years old.

  2. Another aspect of the liberal swing of course, is lack of diversity in politics. We have Christians of most political parties in our pews, christian MP's in every party. Yet all the Bishop's are solidly left wing and keep spouting the same, when they should be shepherds to all.
    Can anyone tell me why Bishop John objects to ethical branded tea and coffee, unless it is fairtrade? Surely it is desperately unfair to tell Churches (and Sainsburys) that the only ethical brand they can use is fairtrade? There are loads of problems with fairtrade which we don't hear about, not least the many paid staff in each country, who no doubt are happy to organise a protest.

    Bishop John will be signing a petition against Sainsbury’s decision to reduce its commitment to Fairtrade in its own brand tea. The supermarket giant recently announced that it would be replacing the Fairtrade certification with its own ‘fairly traded’ scheme. Tea-farmers and workers in Africa say the move with disempower them as they will no longer control the Fairtrade premium.

    The petition, organised by Fair Trade Wales at the Show, calls on Sainsbury’s to reconsider their decision. People will be invited to add their names by writing them onto a label and dropping them into a large teapot.

    Bishop John will be adding his signature at the Cytûn tent on Monday at 11.45am.

  3. It's known as PCP - Politically Correct Posturing.
    It's one of those new techniques used by those who feel it necessary to have something to say at all times on all subjects although they're useless at their own day job.
    You know - sound-bytes for cyberspace - because virtually no one bothers going to Church anymore.

  4. See this picture above-sororal episcopacy- politically spot on but catholic wise incorrect. But when the transgender bishop arrives - a lady of course because she said so, however with a penis under her rochet - you watch the sisters split with the uber liberals against those who feel their rights impinged and possibly impugned. Birls and goys the men will be back. If you can't beat them, join them, as the saying goes.