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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Two Anglican Archbishops obsessed with women and the queer agenda

Revd Isabelle Hamley (CofE)                    Revd Canon Joanna Penberthy (CinW)

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of Wales have shown by their recent appointments that they have much in common, putting women's issues and the Queer Bible at the heart of their ministries.

Before anyone complains that the bishop elect of St Davids was not appointed by Dr Morgan but by an electoral college, there is no difference other than going through the motions. The name of Canon Penberthy as the next bishop of St Davids was circulating months ago despite her having to endure "sexism on her way to the top". That is, the absence of female toilets in a male college which moved her to micturate in England. Had her trail-blazing taken place today she could have armed herself with a transgender sign and urinated in St Michael's College, Llandaff rather than having to micturate elsewhere.

In the 1980s St Mike's as it was affectionately known trained half the bishops now sitting on the bench, Swansea & Brecon, St Asaph and Monmouth. It is no more. Down the pan and soon to be followed by the 'washed up' Church in Wales herself. St Michael's Theological College now houses the St Padarn's Institute which we are told "comes on the back of dwindling attendances in the Church in Wales and the church's subsequent decision to reorganise traditional parishes into larger Ministry Areas". As Dr Morgan draws his pension early in the new year he will have much on which to reflect. Perhaps he will contemplate writing a book on how he excluded faithful Anglicans from Christian worship in Wales.

Canon Penberthy regards the first women Deacons as 'trailblazers' in the feminist cause. A supporter of blessing gay unions and same sex marriage in church she is also studying for a PhD in Quantum Physics which may not be regarded by the faithless as the most useful asset in the Great Commission if they are to be brought to Christ.

Another PhD student is the Rev'd Isabelle Hamley who is to take up the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Chaplain in January 2017, replacing Archbishop Welby's previous choice, another female Chaplain who has been appointed bishop of Dorking.

In modern parlance, 'the Revd Hamley' is recorded as being in the final stages of a PhD in Biblical studies, (Relational identity, Otherness and Victimisation: An Irigarayan Reading of Judges 19-21).

Not acquainted with the subject I Googled to find out what on earth she was talking about, only to discover that it boiled down to more from the Queer Bible and gender politics.

Is it any wonder that church attendance is declining at an alarming rate? Why not be honest and proclaim Western Anglicanism as the Church of Queer Theology?


  1. So in the CinW the pectoral cross is now worn by inferior clergy? Or is it because she is now a bishop in all but fact?

  2. De his, libera me Domine!

    If you need to translate this....don't bother. You won't like it!

  3. It sounds like a ridiculous PhD thesis, "Relational identity, Otherness and Victimisation: An Irigarayan Reading of Judges 19-21", but I guess you have to be pretty smart to pull that one over, or your examiners have to be pretty dumb to let you work on such a project. Another possibility is that the examiners are all equally brainwashed by feminist theology.

  4. If either of these thesis are awarded degrees to these persons, then neither PhD's will contribute anything towards the 'cure of souls' : their alleged calling.
    Furthermore,the supervisors of these 'students' should seriously consider their own contribution to the subordination of this advanced degree.

  5. Just had a thought !
    Maybe Canon Penberthy is looking to the stars for answer to Hebrews 13:8 ?
    "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever"

  6. It would be unrealistic to place all areas of Western Anglicanism within the "Queer Anglican Theology" frame. The Anglican Catholic Church in Wales ( as do others) prove that providence provides faithful bishops and archbishops to whom we can turn in times of apostasy such as exists within the present dynasty which cripples the province.

  7. ‘Studying for a PhD in quantum physics’ – umm! Smoke & mirrors. Listen again carefully to the BBC Sunday programme. Canon Penberthy is no scientist. There will be no Penberthy equation to rival that of Dirac, or a cat like Schroedinger’s. She has, however, introduced a good dollop of uncertainty, but not in the elegant manner of Heisenberg. It would appear that she is attempting to see if there is any common ground between quantum mechanical and theological descriptions of the universe. Typical jack of all trades, and master of none. Ideal candidate for a thoroughly modern bishop!

  8. Monmouth has 4 jobs going and interestingly make the following statement in all the adverts
    "The Diocese is actively seeking to improve its gender balance so would particularly welcome applications from women"

    It's amazing that this is allowed in this age of non discrimination! Does this mean that men may as well not apply for these jobs?
    They all look crazy to me anyhow, we've grouped as many churches and parishes together as we possibly can and would like someone, preferably a woman, to burn out while attempting the words of course, they have wittered on about exciting possibilites ........and two days of interviews including an over night stay????? Curiouser and curiouser........