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Saturday, 19 November 2016

A make believe Christmas message

This make believe advert from Amazon Prime has won considerable praise in some quarters. The Huffington Post for example has the headline "Amazon Prime Christmas Advert 2016: Powerful Film Depicts Friendship Between Vicar And Imam".

While the Vicar is a real Vicar, the 'Imam' is not an Imam. He is 'a devout Muslim' playing the part, perhaps under the Muslim doctrine of Taqiyya to advance the  cause of Islam to an unsuspecting audience accustomed to wishing each other 'A Merry Christmas!'

With all the Imams to choose from one can't help wondering why a real Imam did not take the part. Perhaps the answer is in this video: 

1 comment:

  1. The first video may be trying to say that Christmas is for everyone, which is,of course, true; the Incarnation is for the whole world.
    But as in most commercial adverts,it is subordinating the real message of Christmas to an occasion of present giving. Further it says to me that the Muslim friend does not understand why we celebrate Christmas-other than it is seen by so many as a time for buying,and the more people you buy for, (especially from Amazon!) the more self-fulling and determinative it can be.
    As for the second video, it is chilling and regrettably may be more reflective of worrying undercurrent of Islamic theory and conviction.